Interviewing Skills

What to Do and Say at an Interview

Strong Interviewing Skills get OffersAre you getting interviews, but not offers?
9 times out of 10, this is a strong indicator that you need some assistance with your interviewing skills. You are being evaluated for much more than your job experience at an interview, you are also being screened for personality, communication skills and team fit.

Interviewing Skills to Build Confidence

It is common for people to be nervous in these situations and lose confidence when entering the office. With proper coaching this fear is easily overcome. Preparation before the interview will help you feel in control and ready for any of the hiring manager’s questions.


Kendra Prospero’s Interview Advice

Who Are You?

The goal of an interview is to establish three key things with the person interviewing you:

1) They know me better and know what I bring to this job.
2) They like me and want me on their team.
3) They trust me and would hire me.

A successful interview requires you to be prepared, relaxed and succinct around what you have to offer. We help you by evaluating your current interviewing style with a live mock interview that includes immediate and candid feedback to identify the things you did well and areas needing improvement.

How We Help You

We help you get clear on your strengths and comfortable with “tooting your own horn” in a way that is relevant to the role you are applying for so that you can present yourself with the utmost confidence. By the end of our sessions, we will have created a strategic approach for success at every meeting.

Strengthen Your Interviewing Skills

By discussing your strengths, accomplishments and passions we are able to develop a plan that will help you prepare. We will then do a series of test interviews to give you valuable real time experience and feedback. We discuss your responses and improve on positive attributes. Preparation is the most crucial component of any interview. Improving your interviewing skills will give you more confidence and result in more job offers.

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