Strength Assessment & Skills

The Best Strength Assessment Shows Who You Are

It is invaluable to know who you are when you are planning your future. We have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort searching for the strongest package available. After carefully analyzing 13 top assessments and vendors, we have found that the OPQ32 is one of the most comprehensive strengths and skills assessments.

We highly recommend this assessment for all of our job seekers because of the amazing results it provides in fleshing out your unique talents and finding the work that’s going to make you happiest. It looks at people from 64 different perspectives including behavioral and interpersonal styles, the job requirements and working environment that are a best fit, the way a person naturally thinks about people, approaches projects and more.

What Makes it Special?

We love this strength assessment because rather than labeling or limiting you to one personality type or type of work, it provides valuable information about your uniqueness: your individual style, your set of strengths and what makes you feel good in your work so that you can move forward with a clear idea of exactly what kind of work and working environment is going to be fulfilling and allow you to shine.

The questionnaire is not timed and allows you to discover innate properties of your personality including:

  • Relationships with People
  • Thinking Styles
  • Feelings and Emotions

How We Use the OPQ32

First, we view the questionnaire as a tool to help understand where you will find the most satisfaction in your career. The results don’t disqualify you from a role, or force you into a job you do not want. In fact, our clients have found the information presented provides them insights and guidance into areas that have spurred growth, increased their confidence and helped them to refocus their job search.

To register for the OPQ32 or to discuss the benefits, please contact us here or call 720-446-8876 (TURN) to schedule an appointment.