Job Search Essentials Video Series

Reach Your Goals

Kendra Prospero has always had a gift. Her mentoring skills and the ability to discover the uniqueness and special skills in people has led her to become one of the most admired people in the job search and recruiting industry. She has helped hundreds of people discover their talents and find careers which bring them happiness, meaning and hope.

Life Changing Information

Her career counseling skills have changed lives and helped women and men find what they always been looking for, jobs they love. As an inspirational speaker she has enlightened both job speakers and executive management at career fairs, economic councils and countless other events. She brings an honest approach with life changing information.

Kendra's Goal to Help more People

Kendra's fresh perspective has opened doors that seem permanently closed and allowed people from all situations, occupations and backgrounds to overcome challenges and exceed their goals and expectations. Until now, only people in Colorado were able to meet her personally or attend an event where she was the keynote speaker. They were able reap the benefits of her years of experience and develop successful plans. But, Kendra wants to help more people and show them how they can find their dream job too.

With the urging of her employees, contemporaries and family she has put together a video series that combines the best advice, knowledge and practical steps for anyone struggling to find the perfect job. This series is targeted to bring light and hope to seasoned job hunters, first time seekers or anyone striving for something better. It is full of great strategies that have been proven over the years of working with job search clients and recruiters. We are honored and excited to offer this tremendous product with the goal to help people all over the country.

Are you stuck in your job search?

  1. Do you know what you're good at?
  2. Do you know what you want to do?
  3. Are you actively applying for jobs?
  4. Are you getting interviews?
  5. Are you getting offers?

If you answered "NO" to any of the above questions then this video series is perfect for you.

It is Time to get Unstuck!

The Job Search Essentials Video Series includes:

job search video series7 INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS
We've summarized the best of our expertise in these videos. Videos are downloadable AND shipped on a flash drive.

This 50+ page comprehensive workbook shares all the essential information you need to know to accelerate your job search.

A 30 Minute Career Coaching Session Phone Call (limited time offer).

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Are You Ready to Find a New Job?

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A Definitive Job Search Series at an Amazing Price

This new 7 Module Video Series takes you though all the steps you need to successfully find a job that you love. Kendra Prospero, CEO and Founder of Turning the Corner, has combined the best of private sessions and seminar information into a video series which focuses on the top strategies to help you find what you are looking for. Here is what you get:

Job Search Essentials Video Series

Video 1: Finding Work You L.O.V.E.
Finding fulfillment in our work is a key component to a happy life. This introductory video will inspire you to evaluate what is important to you and help you achieve greater success and happiness in your career.

Video 2: Finding Your Uniqueness
Knowing what you are good at is essential for every job seeker. During this video, we will give you the tools to help you discover your unique strengths and talents and how to find a job that utilizes your best. Uncover your personal values around what you really need to be happy in a job so you can find the role and company that are your perfect match.

Video 3: Applying With A Resume
The goal of the resume is to get an interview. If you are not getting interviews, something is breaking down with your resume. Learn valuable formatting, tailoring, and other secret tips to get your resume to the top of the pile.

Video 4: Starting The Job Search
There are hundreds of job search engines on the web. Where do you start? Discover where you should be searching for jobs and how to develop your own job search strategy.

Video 5: Exploring Your Connections
Usually, it’s not what you know but who you know. Learn great networking exercises to build your connection base and learn strategies on how to make connections. Discover the power of LinkedIn and how this tool can help you with your job search.

Video 6: Rocking The Interview
You are being evaluated for much more than your job experience at an interview, you are also being screened for personality, communication skills, and team fit. Discover tips and techniques to help you prepare before the interview that will help you feel in control and ready for any of the hiring manager’s questions. We'll share some of the biggest interview traps and help you be prepared.

Video 7: Negotiating The Offer
You made it this far to get an offer. Congratulations! Now what steps do you take to make sure you are happy with the decision you make? Learn what items are negotiable and a winning strategy to negotiate your offer.

Job Search Essentials Workbook

Job Search Essentials WorkbookDiscover tips, techniques, strategies, and proven exercises to help you find a job fast. The perfect companion for the Job Search Video Series.

The workbook contains chapters covering the following:

Writing Winning Resumes:

  • Learn the 4 main rules when writing a resume.
  • Access samples of effective resumes that have generated interviews.
  • Discover must-have resume tailoring techniques.
  • Access LinkedIn Profile strategies to make sure your LinkedIn Profile stands out.

Successful Job Search Strategies:

  • Discover which job board sites to search to be most successful.
  • Learn search tips to help you narrow your results.
  • Get tips and techniques to find relevant jobs on the boards.

Leveraging the Power of Who You Know

  • Learn exercises to utilize your network and make powerful connections.
  • Access verbiage to use to build connections, ask for endorsements, and create your 8 second commercial.

Rock the Interview

  • Practice using interviewing exercises to help you prepare for your interviews.
  • Learn the 10 Questions to be prepared to answer in an interview.
  • Learn how to handle the salary question.
  • Learn how to negotiate an offer.

Don't Forget the Career Coaching Session

It is amazing what you can discover in a 30-minute Career Coaching call with our job search experts. We will answer your questions and help get you on the path to your new dream job quickly.

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Kendra Prospero,
CEO & Founder

"Kendra and her team at Turning the Corner, LLC helped me develop an effective job search strategy, provided helpful knowledge of the region’s job market and current demands and worked with me until I landed in an excellent position that offered me a 12% raise and a great career path for my strengths and interests."
— John S.

"For anyone looking for a new job, Turning the Corner will give you personalized and professional service. They stick with you as long as you need them to, they go above and beyond with their services. They have a client for life in me."
— Sonya Oster

"I found the job search and resume customization tips very valuable. The interview exercises were helpful for prep work before my interviews. I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to accelerate their job search."
— Susan G.

"All information relayed was so relevant and I appreciated the brevity. I really enjoyed Kendra's video about interviewing. Beyond the workbook and coaching, I really appreciated the job search and confidence boost."
— Rachel J.

$199.00 - ORDER NOW