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Successful Management Training

Studies show that companies with engaged employees perform up to 202% better than their competition.
This happens because these companies have great managers.


You can Increase Profits, Production, and Engagement!

Bad Management costs companies billions of dollars every year by actively disengaging the workforce and increasing employee attrition. We can help you change this.

If you want to have a great organization, you need to train your managers. Great managers aren't born, they're created.


Don’t Have Time for Management Training?

We understand how busy your day is, but what if we could teach you how to manage your teams in a way that saves you time, increases engagement, and makes your day easier? Our training is specifically focused on the skills you need to do all this an more. In addition, we have arranged this live training so you can attend in person or online.

Join us Live Online.

We've had many clients who want to attend our Management Training Series, but due to time or location have been unable to make the commitment. We have completed multiple remote training programs for large corporations across the nation and now offer this service to the general public so you too can benefit from this amazing training. You'll be part of a nationwide cohort with other managers, leaders, and people from many different industries. This allows you to learn from our expert team and other participants in the comfort of your office. Lack of "time" should never be an excuse for keeping yourself, and your company, from being more profitable.

Prefer an in-person experience? Join us in our Boulder office.

There is something special about meeting face-to-face. While this class is offered remotely, you may also join us in our office during the training sessions and still be part of the nationwide cohort. This is the best of both worlds.

Several Dates and Options to Choose From

Don't miss out on the opportunity to help your managers succeed, or become better a better leader yourself. We are offering Spring and Fall sessions. Use the Register Now button to find the date that best fits your schedule. This series will help you increase employee engagement, profits, and create a better company. All classes are live and will be simultaneously broadcast using the interactive Zoom webinar platform or you can join us live in our Boulder office.

Make Your Company More Successful by Training Your Managers

Becoming and developing strong managers is the most important aspect of reaching your goals and becoming successful. Too often great companies fail because of poor leadership and in today's competitive market there isn't time to learn as you go. Investing in your future is paramount.

We Teach the Skills Your Managers Need

These skills are rarely taught in college or in corporate America, however, they are paramount to the growth of your organization. You will see production shoot up, people work harder, and your management teams produce better results for a small investment of only $1,299 per person. Courses similar to this cost thousands more and are usually packed into two-day seminars which don't allow time to practice techniques or positive feedback. The outcome is usually lackluster results.

Our training is specifically created to increase retention, and give participants a chance to use what they have learned. This dramatically increases results and moves companies forward more quickly.

Classes fill fast and due to the interactive nature of the training, participant numbers are limited. Sign up today to reserve your spot.


As recruiters, we interview hundreds of amazing candidates, and as career coaches, we talk with phenomenal job seekers every day. Over half are looking for new jobs because of their managers.


Our Management Training Program Solves Your Most Pressing Problems:

We teach you and your management team the skills needed to become exceptional leaders and motivators. This happens because:

  • Small Class Size: Focused attention means better results!
  • Bite Sized: Go slow to grow faster. Six - two hours sessions over 12 weeks allows the opportunity to implement what you've learned.
  • Habit Forming: On-going coaching after class so you can really implement what you’ve learned.
  • Taught by experts: We’re managers too, and good ones. We know what works, we've put it into practice and we’ll show you how to make it work for your organization.
  • Affordable: Training of this caliber can run into the 10's of thousands, especially with the materials, level of instruction and value of the content. We have designed a program that maximizes the impact with a huge Return on Investment for only $1,299.
  • Fun: Adults like to have fun when learning. This is not a boring lecture. This is hands on training that creates engaging leaders who are followed by dedicated employees.

If you have Better Managers, you'll have Better Employees!

In every business, in every industry, management does matter.

Michael Eisner

We Teach How to Manage

Successful managers know the value of continually learning and applying the right solution for each situation. Our Management Training program is designed around six core sessions over a 12-week period, focusing on the most important components of business leadership. The classes run every other week, allowing you the time to put what you have learned into action. While one day seminars can be convenient, most people only retain a small portion of what they learned. Spreading out the classes gives you the opportunity to experiment and get feedback in the next session.

Course Outline by Session:


Situational LeadershipIn SESSION 1, learn how to assess your employee's job task readiness and intervene appropriately.

Objective: Teach managers how to assess how “ready” their employees are to perform their assigned tasks, and how to employ the most effective management style to get the best results and highest engagement.


Great Leaders have a High EQIn SESSION 2, you’ll learn Emotional Intelligence, the #1 quality that makes everyone, but especially managers, better at working with other humans.

Objective: Emotional Intelligence accounts for 70% of managerial success and is a higher predictor of success than IQ (Intelligence Quotient). In this class, managers will learn what EQ is and why it matters. They will assess their own Emotional Intelligence acumen and learn techniques to increase their scores over time.


Strong communication skills are paramount to success. Difficult conversations are part of every manager’s day. In SESSION 3 we will teach you how to prepare for meetings and have tactful and dignified conversations.

Objective: Show managers how to have difficult conversations in a way that is productive and enhances, rather than harms, the relationship, and increases the level of understanding.


How to help employees grow and what to do if things are falling apart and get really difficult. In SESSION 4 we help you navigate what needs to happen to help employees grow or to let them go.

Objective: Teach managers how to set expectations with their employees, create checkpoints and coach employees to reach their highest potential, as well as what to do if things are NOT going well and alternative interventions are needed.


Solutions are good, but discovering the best practices for hiring the right people addresses a root problem in many companies. In SESSION 5, we’ll teach you how to find, interview, and hire the best.

Objective: Teach managers how to hire people who are a great fit for the position. We will guide managers on how to ask good questions and employ other measures to assess if the applicant is the right addition to his/her team.


Integrating management practices into your company will help make you more successful. In SESSION 6, we’ll pull all the material together to help you put it into action.

Objective: A comprehensive review of the material and best practices to help you immediately address your company's greatest needs.

Expert Advice from Kendra Prospero
Management Training Leader
Kendra Prospero
CEO and Founder
Turning the Corner

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As a participant you will receive the books Leadership and the One Minute Manager and Emotional Intelligence 2.0,
copies of all slides, quick reference guides, and access to our private Extraordinary Leadership Facebook group.

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Wednesday Afternoon Sessions, 3-5 pm MT. A total of 6 sessions every other week.
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Turning the Corner's Management Training Program has already made a huge impact in our company. A definite win for our organization.

Tristan Gruett
Chief Operating Officer
Nite Ize, Inc.

I feel motivated to take action and make changes. I never fully grasped the impact of my role and management style on my employees. There has been a tremendous amount of self-reflection and realization over the past 12 weeks

Jenny Koehn
VP Sales
Condit Exhibits

I learned and relearned a lot of importing things. As well as it reminded me of the importance of this kind of training for all of my teams, both existing managers and leaders in the organization, but also those coming up underneath me.

Matt Wegner
Growth Sherpas

I was fortunate to attend this Management series at my last place of employment and found it incredibly valuable. So much so, that when I moved to a new organization, we decided to invest in one of our managers to attend.  We will definitely be sending more folks to Turning the Corner!

Jessy Clark
Chief Operating Officer
Swallow Hill Music


I saw remarkable results after a few of our senior leadership team participated in Turning the Corner's management training. There was something magical that occurred over the six 2-hour sessions for the team. They were able to learn a skill, practice it, and bring their new capacity back to the organization week after week. By the end of the series, our team was leading and managing at a new level and the impact on the organization has been significant and lasting.

I would highly recommend the Turning the Corner management program for anyone who has been promoted into a management role or for any executive who needs to grow the capacity and capabilities of his/her team.

Rob O'Dea
Partner, Sage Allied LLC
Chairman, Butterfly Pavilion

I loved how interactive the management training sessions were and hearing others experiences as managers.

Tara Skredynski

I feel that I can take the information in the management training sessions and engage with our management team in a much more meaningful way. Mostly because we now have language and strategies to share/discuss, and ultimately implement. I know this because we are having better, less frustrating and more productive, conversations. It's so cool!!

Department Manager
Nite Ize


It Takes more than a Title to be a Leader

Very few people are natural leaders, but with coaching and the right training, anyone can become an influential and profitable manager. It is time for all of us to take responsibility and create people and companies who succeed.

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