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There is nothing better than seeing our clients achieve their goals. We enjoy sharing the excellent results our clients experience when utilizing our HR Support and Recruiting services. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and are proud to work with such great companies and individuals. We hope you enjoy these customer notes.

Quotes from our Customers

Benefits of Using Turning the Corner

Saves Time: Reviewing lots of resumes, thoroughly checking references and backgrounds, interviewing, and follow up, even if the candidate isn’t the right match, takes a lot of time, especially to do it well.

Relieves Anxiety: It’s hard to tell people they didn’t get the job, especially when you’ve spent time interviewing and getting to know them.

Greater Pool to Hire From: Turning the Corner has a wide range of resources to find great candidates.

Make Better Hiring Decisions: No more feeling stressed to make a decision sometimes just because you know you don’t have time to do more interviews.

Added Expert Insight to help you make the right choice: Having to make the decision solely on your own without another informed opinion can be stressful and overwhelming.

“We first engaged Turning the Corner, LLC in 2013 to help us find a Controller. After the successful completion of that project, we hired Kendra and her team as the outsourced provider for our human resource functions. Engaged services have included staffing, annual performance evaluation, onboarding of new employees, termination and outplacement services, and benefits evaluation. They also helped us construct, review and distribute our employee manual earlier in 2015. Turning the Corner has become an essential and trusted partner for our small business. I highly recommend Kendra, Carrie Ahmad and the team at Turning the Corner, LLC for any human resource need.”

— Rob Kaufold, Cauldera, LLC & Hemera Regnant, LLC

“It feels great to not ever have to read hundreds of resumes, talk to countless job seekers, spend hours and hours interviewing and feeling pressed for time to make a decision, resulting in a bad one. Working with Turning the Corner has saved me time, stress and likely, the cost of a bad hire.”

— Cheri Corrado, Corrado Executive Solutions

“Kendra was instrumental in finding us the right fit for our marketing department. I felt like she knew exactly what we needed, not just from a skill-set perspective, but also in terms of personality and overall fit. She is easy to work with, a quick responder, and seems to have a natural ability to draw the perfect candidates at the perfect time. I would not hesitate to use her again!”

— Chantal Pierrat, Sounds True