Outplacement Services

We Help Make this Easier

Outplacement services make lay-offs and dismissals easierLayoffs can be a challenging time for both displaced employees and their employers. Our team has experience with both sides and we understand the anxiety, helplessness and difficulties inherent in these situations. We know this is not easy. We can help you build a detailed outplacement plan with a strategy to help build positive morale among your remaining team and positive memories for those transitioning.

Outplacement Services to Support Your Employees

Whether for one employee or one-hundred, outplacement services are the number one way that a company can support its outgoing employees and sustain a positive relationship with its alumni. Partnering with a skilled career coach not only benefits employees with decreased time in finding new employment, but your company gains a positive marketplace reputation, and an increase in referrals of qualified candidates from former employees. Click here to read an article about the positive effects outplacement services have on companies.

100% of our Outplacement Clients were placed in new jobs which helped both the company and employee.

Customized Packages for Your Needs

We deliver a customized support strategy designed specifically for the needs of your company and the impacted employees. Our approach is compassionate and personalized. We have proven experience in helping employees successfully manage career transitions. We work on your behalf to bring a positive message to all those involved. Our packages include a blend of in-person and self-guided support including:

    Outplacement Services provide compassionate results

  • Individual in-person career counseling sessions
  • Custom job search assistance using our unique methodology
  • Access to Turning the Corner’s Job Search Playbook – a 60-page self-guided workbook to creating career success
  • Access to our “Finding Work You Love” on-line webinar workshop series
  • Personalized coaching on interviewing, networking and other career topics
  • Resume writing assistance
  • And more…

Contact us for more information and for a custom program designed to meet your unique needs.