What Makes Our Recruiting and
Job Placement Services Different?


Why Should You Use a Recruiting Agency?

Recruiting and Job PlacementWe know you need the best employees, but sometimes they are hard to find. We know you work hard every day to make sure your company is running smoothly and on the right track to grow. Often you don’t have the time or contacts to do an exhaustive search for the ideal talent for a crucial position. We are your best advocate, resource and friend.

Making a Great Investment

When the fit is good and an employee is personally aligned with the role and the company, they are excited to go to work every day and quickly become an invaluable part of your team. We have heard too many people say, “This job would be great if it weren’t for the employees.” Or “They should just be thankful they have a job!” Unfortunately there are some people that don’t work out, but more times than not, it is because the wrong person was hired. The cost of replacing a bad hire is outrageous, in money, time and team morale.

Click Here Fill A JobWhen we interview people, we look at more than skills; we are also getting a feeling for them as a person. When we evaluate their skill set, we discover their goals and ideal jobs. When we recruit we make sure your position is aligned with their career path creating a golden match that is good for the company and the employee. We all know dedicated employees work harder and are a better return on investment, both financially and in corporate culture. Our professional techniques, assessments and strategies allow us to find the most qualified and best fitting candidates.

We Make the Process Easier

Too often, recruiters simply provide you with a stack of resumes without much explanation or summaries. Our process can be as simple as giving you the Top 10 applicants, eliminating all that time reading resumes instead of interviewing, or we can take a total approach and provide you with the Top 3, pre-screened and interviewed applicants. We run each candidate through a rigorous process to understand not only their strengths and capabilities and how well these fit the role requirements, but also to determine if their personal goals are compatible with your vision for the position and the company. Although you still have to make the final decision, we will provide you fantastic options.

Hiring for Keeps

An ideal match between an employer and an employee is about mutual prosperity. The best employee will take a basic job description and broaden the role. Within weeks, they become a vital contributor and part of an effective team motivated to bring success to the company. At the same time, they achieve personal fulfillment in utilizing their unique talents doing something they enjoy. We will help you discover an individual that help you grow your company, become a valuable asset to you and your clients and grow with you.  We make partnerships that last.

Turn the Corner Today!

Turning the Corner offers a better way to handle your hiring. Based on your needs we can offer as little or as much assistance as you require to fill any open position. Our expertise will provide you with high quality applicants suited for your business and make your team the envy of your competition. Please contact us today  or call us at 720-446-8876 (TURN) and we will discuss our various packages that will help you find your next shining star.