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We Specialize in Recruiting the Right People in Denver, Boulder, Northern Colorado (NoCo) and beyond.

You need the best employees to grow your company, but sometimes they are hard to find. They can be in other parts of the country or not currently looking for a new job. You may not have the time, budget or contacts to do an exhaustive search.

Our personalized recruiting services have helped hundreds of companies in Denver, Boulder and all across the Front Range find the top talent they need to sustain growth, innovate and become industry leaders even when unemployment is low.

We Deliver Only the Top Candidates

Too many clients have called us after multiple failures trying to find the right person. Finding the perfect fit can be arduous work, but it is very important. We help by finding candidates who have the education, expertise and experience the position requires, and who are also a great fit for your corporate culture. We believe there is the right person for the right job, and we help you find them.

The cost of a bad hire can be 5 times their annual salary.

Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

Recruiting and Job Placement

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As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

Harvard Business Review

Recruiting the best people in Denver, Boulder and Northern Colorado

Sometimes IT IS Who you Know

As our client you have special access to our broad database of professional talent. As one of the few companies in the nation who offer recruiting and job search services, we have strong connections with amazing people who have gone through our career coaching and other programs and are ready to make a difference for the right company. We also ensure that your company is identifying and promoting your company’s strengths and benefits.

Quality over Quantity

We focus on the candidate’s and the company’s needs to make the perfect match. Our experience has proven that finding high-quality candidates for exceptional companies increases employee engagement and decreases turnover. We are very picky about who we present as potential talent, unlike some high volume recruiters who inundate HR departments with numerous unqualified applicants. Our services are targeted, strategic and successful.

Three Tiers of Service to Exceed Your Recruiting Needs

We have Three Tiers of Service because we understand every company and every personnel need is unique. Our award winning team takes great pride in the success of our Recruiting Services. We understand the importance of sitting down with you face-to-face to discover your needs, company culture and the best fit for your company before we begin our search. This guarantees the best results more quickly.

Recruiting for Northern Colorado NoCo

TIER I - We Advertise your Position and Deliver Candidates
Let us cast the net for you. We advertise your role in the top job search boards and niche sites for your industry. You also gain VIP access to our database of active job seekers.

  • We give you the opportunity to reach potential applicants that would have been missed.
  • We provide you the candidates that meet your job requirements.
  • Saves you time and money!


Denver Recruiting Specialists

TIER II - We Promote and Conduct Initial Screening
We actively promote your open position and do preliminary screening of applicants.

  • Our process eliminates unqualified candidates, duplicates and filters out others according to your specifications.
  • Imagine the convenience and cost savings by having hundreds of resumes pre-screened and only the top qualifiers delivered for your review.
  • You get to focus your efforts on the right candidates.


Recruiting in Boulder

TIER III - The Ultimate in Recruiting Services
Strategically the top of the line in recruiting services.

  • We advertise, screen, perform reference checks and fully interview candidates for your position.
  • We bear the burden of finding the top candidates for your organization.
  • We exceed traditional recruiting services by going beyond standard qualifications.
  • We examine skills, corporate fit and personality to find the perfect person to help your company succeed.
  • Your greatest challenge will be trying to decide who to hire when they are all perfect for the role.

We Help You be Successful

Our proprietary software advertises your open positions across a wide platform of local and national search boards, such as Simply Hired, Indeed, JuJu and many more at a fraction of the cost you would pay on your own. In addition, we utilize industry niche sites to find the best talent for your role.



I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.

Lawrence Bossidy

Why Pay for a Recruiter?

You work hard every day to make sure your company is running smoothly and your teams are running at top efficiency. You also understand that there is more to hiring than skills and previous experience, but often time constraints, special projects and daily operations takes precedence.

We help you find the best candidates by taking all factors into consideration. Soft skills, corporate culture fit, work ethic are just a few areas we examine in our in-depth process to screen the right candidates for your company.

Your employees are your company's best assets and ensuring you find the right fit is crucial to your success. A wrong hire or rushed process can cost your company much more than wasted time. In fact, bad hires cost the company valuable resources, money and can lower the morale of your best employees. A new team member is an investment in your company's future; we help you to make the correct decision. We also understand that hiring the right candidates make your job easier in the long run, both fiscally and culturally.

We Hired the Best so You Get the Best

What sets us apart from others? Our employees. We regularly receive amazing testimonials about how our recruiting team has gone above and beyond the standards to bring the best candidates to our clients. It starts with people that care more about finding you the right person than making a commission. That is our number one team goal. Scroll down to see our "Rave Reviews".

What We Do for You

We develop and maintain relationships with skilled candidates using our extensive database and connections to find you talented employees. This includes top talent that may not even be on the market. Employers who secure strong people enjoy higher productivity, increased business and less training, saving themselves the high costs of hiring more average performers to compensate for the lack of expertise.

The benefits of having access to and connecting with great talent make working with a skilled recruiter a valuable investment especially as the demand for dedicated team members rises. Our Denver and Boulder recruiting services receive high acclaim because of our commitment to finding you the perfect fit for your company.

Recruiting that Saves You Time and Money

When we interview people, we look at more than skills; we are also getting a feeling for them as a person. When we evaluate their skill set, we discover their goals and ideal jobs. When we recruit we make sure your position is aligned with their career path creating a golden match that is good for the company and the employee.

We all know dedicated employees work harder and are a better return on investment, both financially and in corporate culture. Our professional techniques, assessments and strategies allow us to find the most qualified and best fitting candidates.

We Make the Process Easier

Too often, recruiters simply provide you with a stack of resumes without much explanation or summaries. Our process can be as simple as giving you the Top 10 applicants, eliminating all that time reading resumes instead of interviewing, or we can take a total approach and provide you with the Top 3, pre-screened and interviewed applicants.

We run each candidate through a rigorous process to understand not only their strengths and capabilities and how well these fit the role requirements, but also to determine if their personal goals are compatible with your vision for the position and the company. Although you still have to make the final decision, we will provide you fantastic options.

Hiring for Keeps

An ideal match between an employer and an employee is about mutual prosperity. The best employee will take a basic job description and broaden the role. Within weeks, they become a vital contributor and part of an effective team motivated to bring success to the company.

At the same time, they achieve personal fulfillment in utilizing their unique talents doing something they enjoy. We will help you discover an individual that help you grow your company, become a valuable asset to you and your clients and grow with you. We make partnerships that last.

The Best Employees for Strong Companies

Turning the Corner offers a better way to handle your hiring. Based on your needs we can offer as little or as much assistance as you require to fill any open position. Our expertise will provide you with high quality applicants suited for your business and make your team the envy of your competition.

We have built a huge network of potential talent and passive job seekers waiting for the perfect position and company. We have connections and recruiting clients in Denver, Boulder and all over the country. When you need the best employees, we work with you to ensure you receive the best candidates in the market.

Recruiting Services Boulder Denver

"I reached out to Turning the Corner to help me recruit for some highly specialized positions that we had been unsuccessful sourcing on our own. I was first impressed by Carrie and Scarlett's explanation of the recruiting process, resources and tools they would employ in our search. They took the time to meet me at our office to really understand not only the jobs we were recruiting for but also our unique culture.

The candidates were very high quality and had the experience we were seeking. After hiring three candidates sourced through Turning the Corner, employees throughout the organization told me they are really impressed with the quality of our new hires, and to keep doing what we are doing. I have a trusted partner in Turning the Corner and will continue to use them for recruiting, consulting and executive coaching."

-- Tarryn Ford, Manager People and Culture

"It feels great to not ever have to read hundreds of resumes, talk to countless job seekers, spend hours and hours interviewing and feeling pressed for time to make a decision, resulting in a bad one. Working with Turning the Corner has saved me time, stress and likely, the cost of a bad hire."

-- Cheri Corrado,

"Being a small business owner, I’m always trying to decide what I’m comfortable delegating and what I need to keep control of. I used another staffing company before to hire someone about seven years ago. I felt that I wasn’t sure if the candidates I was presented with were who I would pick. With Turning the Corner, I felt like they understood what I was looking for. I also got a great candidate in the end - she is a good fit and I feel confident that she will be here for a long time."

-- Peter Aweida,
Westland Development Services, Inc.

"We first engaged Turning the Corner, LLC in 2013 to help us find a Controller. After the successful completion of that project, we hired Kendra and her team as the outsourced provider for our human resource functions. Engaged services have included staffing, annual performance evaluation, on-boarding of new employees, termination and outplacement services, and benefits evaluation. Turning the Corner has become an essential and trusted partner for our small business."

-- Rob K., Executive Director

"Kendra was instrumental in finding us the right fit for our marketing department. I felt like she knew exactly what we needed, not just from a skill-set perspective, but also in terms of personality and overall fit. She is easy to work with, a quick responder, and seems to have a natural ability to draw the perfect candidates at the perfect time. I would not hesitate to use her again!"

-- Chantal Pierrat

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