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Human resource services for all of your business needs

HR consulting

We specialize in helping growth-stage and expanding businesses implement scalable strategies through HR outsourcing. Our solutions are customized to fit your specific needs & goals.

Recruiting & talent acquisition

We find high-quality candidates to fill your immediate needs and build a strong candidate pool for future growth. We look at the big picture and who will bring long-term value.

Leadership & management training

Opportunities to learn & grow are the key to a strong company culture. We share HR solutions through trainings that inspire managers and leaders to build productive, engaged, and happy teams.

We’re on a mission to end suffering in the workplace

Something powerful happens when we believe in a vision, love what we do, and enjoy the people we work with: Time at work turns into some of the finest hours of our day.

That transformation starts from inside—with HR. Turning the Corner provides human resources consulting to help companies like yours implement processes, scalable strategies, and training. We are a trusted human resource service to businesses in Boulder, Colorado and across the state, with proven results for over a decade.

Our HR solutions will grow your business, propel you ahead of your competition, and create a workplace culture your whole team will love.

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Scale HR solutions to match your growth

That’s what oVertone did. We helped the thriving beauty company expertly scale processes like recruiting, hiring, and onboarding—and built a roadmap for the future.
HR services - oVertone
HR Services - Colorado Floor Co

Reclaim your time & stay compliant

Colorado Floor Company saved time & gained peace of mind. We helped the family-run business establish efficient hiring and record-keeping processes that transformed their company culture.

Hire & keep people who bring value

It’s why the Hemera Foundation team that we placed has stayed for 4+ years. Our long-term approach to recruitment helped them find great people, ensure continued alignment with their vision, and supported leadership development as they grew.
HR Services - Hemera Foundation

From our desks to yours

Employment Law Updates – Effective Summer 2023

Employment Law Updates – Effective Summer 2023

Do you want to ensure your Colorado business is fully compliant with employment laws to avoid costly penalties and legal consequences? Wondering how you can achieve this desired outcome? Look no further! I will be revealing the solution that will help you achieve the desirable result of increased compliance with Colorado employment laws. With this valuable information, you can safeguard your business and stay on the right side of the law, protecting your organization and its reputation.

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Turning Me to We – An Interview with Alex Raymond

Turning Me to We – An Interview with Alex Raymond

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been told that in order to create a positive work environment, you need to simply do these things. But despite your efforts, you’re still experiencing low employee morale, lack of collaboration, and high turnover rates. The pain of seeing your team disengaged and unhappy is taking a toll on your business and your own motivation as an entrepreneur. It’s time to explore a different approach that truly fosters positivity and collaboration in the workplace.

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Looking for work? Land your dream job.

Our certified resume writers and career coaches are ready to be your partner in your job search. We’ve helped thousands of people find work they love. As a human resource service, our mission to end suffering in the workplace—and that means for job-seekers, too!

HR Services for Job Seekers

We’re proof that fractional HR can still be personal—and a fraction of the cost of internal HR for your growing business.

Our clients


“Turning the Corner has become an essential and trusted partner for our small business. I highly recommend Kendra and the team at Turning the Corner, LLC for any human resource need. ”

— Rob Kaufold, Cauldera, LLC


“Turning the Corner offers excellence beyond any services I have ever received. They understand what it means to run a smooth organization, and most importantly understand the value and importance that the HR function has. ”

— Sean L.