We are very proud of our Turning the Corner colleagues who also contribute as board members for the Boulder Area Human Resource Association (BAHRA). Both Turning the Corner and BAHRA continue to support HR professionals, advance the HR profession, and elevate organizations by promoting the connection between HR impact and business. We congratulate our team members for their efforts and dedication.

Our Vice President of People, Carrie Ahmad, has been the treasurer for BAHRA for the past year. She is thrilled to act as an financial advisor to BAHRA’S board members.

And now our own Shana Gerson, HR Manager and Career Coach, is their SHRM Foundation Director. Read below as Shana shares what this role will mean to her.


Volunteering has always been important to me, volunteers are the backbone of non-profit organizations. Most people are unaware that 85% of all charitable non-profits don’t have a paid staff and are run entirely on volunteers. Volunteers help with fundraising, administrative tasks, and help run the day-to-day operations. We are all passionate about the mission, care deeply about our community, and like to have fun.

I always felt helping meant more than writing a check. When I volunteer, I can see and feel my contribution in a way that makes me feel like I really make a difference. Recently, I joined the Boulder Human Resources Association as their SHRM Foundation Director. This may be one of the more challenging positions, but I believe it really makes an impact.

What is the SHRM Foundation and what does the Director do?

The SHRM Foundation (Society for Human Resource Management) advances global human capital knowledge and practice by providing thought leadership and educational support. In addition it sponsors, funds, and drives the adoption of cutting-edge, actionable, evidence-based research. In a nutshell, they support the research for Human Resource white papers, scholarships, and grants towards continuing education. It’s an organization that is vital to the changing and growing field of Human Resources.

As part of Turning the Corner I’m able to help companies to create or revitalize their HR departments by utilizing better processes and investing in their people. It is very gratifying to see the difference a strong HR department can make in any size business. As the Director of SHRM, I am in charge of raising money to support SHRM’s activities. Being creative and organizing fun events is perhaps the best part of my job. The Foundation relies on the Director to raise money to support continuing education initiatives, something that is near and dear to my heart.

Although I’m still new in this role I enjoy all the people I volunteer with. They are passionate, dedicated, and really want to make a difference. Volunteering gives me a sense of job satisfaction and achievement. I CAN make a difference!

For more information or to ask questions feel free to email Shana at shana@turningthecornerllc.com.

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