By Kendra Prosper
CEO and Founder, Turning the Corner, LLC

Remember that strategic decision in your company’s history that was going to be a game changer? I hope that it was for the better, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes a critical decision the business makes sends it into a tailspin with a long climb back up.

I’ve worked with a lot of these types of scenarios lately. Such as a bad hire for a key role, a software system that didn’t live up to its promise, or a new process that didn’t match the culture. The list goes on.

Good Ideas and Bad Ideas Start at the Top

The common thread is that not everyone in your organization is bought into these ideas in the planning stages, and many are actually pleading not to go the route proposed by you. Yet, the decisions were made anyway because we can feel as leaders that we ‘know best’.

And then problems set in that we weren’t expecting. In-fighting, resistance, and even resignations. I’ve been there and it’s a heartbreaking experience with many lessons to learn. All the wonderful promises that came with these new team members, new systems, new processes were not realized, and they end up making everyone’s job harder. We might have avoided this with more trust toward our employees. I hate to break it to you, but we are not the smartest people in the room.

Our Decisions Have Consequences

For me, the once incredibly tight-knit team that was on the same page on a mission to changes people’s lives suddenly were fighting, were no longer aligned and were frustrated and fragmented because of one bad hire I made on the spot. I was crushed that my bad decision had such a deep impact.

Like me, I’m sure when this has happened, you start trying everything possible to correct this, but it’s not as easy as going back to where things were before these critical decisions. There are so many deeper reasons and feelings that could be causing these issues.

If this has happened to you and now your company is plagued with turnover, lack of communication, threats of key employees and even leaders leaving, business goals missed, and a lot of time thrown into trying to fix this problem, we can help you recover. And you need help because when all associated costs are considered, TENS IF NOT HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars are being left on the table.

You Have a Tremendous Opportunity to Right the Ship

I recall a saying that I learned many years ago, “crisis breeds opportunity.” In the vast majority of these types of cases, there are many wonderful people at your company that care about the business and want to see it succeed. With support from those in charge, they are committed to getting back to the company that they grew to love.

The fix is that with the right buy-in and commitment at the leadership level, collecting the right data so you can make well-informed decisions, and implementing a few programs to get everyone on the same page, you can and will fix these issues. We’d love to help if it feels overwhelming. Simply give us a call, and let’s get the momentum going in the right direction.

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