By Shana Gerson, PHR

We’ve all been there at one point in our careers, watching the clock slowly tick away, waiting for work to be over so we can breathe again, never wanting Sundays to end and dreading Mondays. Or maybe you were laid off and you feel overwhelmed about what to do next.

[blockquote quote=”We should be inspired every day by the work we do.” align=”center”]

Why should we be miserable or unsure in our professional lives? Work should be our outlet, our passion, what wakes us up in the morning. We spend more time at work then we do with any other activity. We should be inspired every day by the work we do. It’s not only something we do to provide for ourselves and our families but it is what energizes us and inspires our family and friends. I remember a time when I was not happy in my job. My mood changed, my energy was drained and I felt cranky around my kids and husband. When I finally found a job I truly loved and fit my values, I felt free, inspired, happy and energized.

A Career Coach will Help You Uncover Your Dream

A Career Coach can be the person to help you. A Career Coach is a professional who can help you find the job you love; an investment you cannot afford to miss. They will help you to discover your strengths, passions and how you are hardwired. The answers are inside you and a professional can help bring them to the surface.

Here are some important lessons a Career Coach can help you remember:

  1. This is an Opportunity – It can be very scary being laid off or leaving your job, even if you are miserable in it. Leaving that job can open so many doors for you. Career Coaches can help you get to know yourself better and help you understand your values. This will help you find work that better aligns with your values and who you are.
  2. Jumpstart a Career – Maybe you’ve been in the wrong position your whole career or maybe you just don’t know what’s out there? Career Coaches can open your eyes to new ways at looking at your skill set. They can also help you get into industries and companies that you never thought of before. Once you align your values and skill sets with your next opportunity, it can grow your career in ways in which your old job never did.
  3. Rediscover yourself – A Career Coach holds up a mirror so you can see your best self. They can give you the confidence and tools you need to be successful in your next job. This can carry with you throughout your career. This will help you land more opportunities.

I Found a Job I Love

Career Coaching is one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve had. To hear someone tell me that I’ve changed their life is so rewarding. I recommend that everyone goes to a Career Coach at least once in their professional life. Even if you are happy with your job a Career Coach is someone who can expose you to opportunities you may have never even thought of, even within your current role.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

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