By Mark Popenhagen,
CMO, Turning the Corner, LLC

What Are You Afraid Of?

I love doing career coaching. There is something amazing about seeing the light in people’s eyes when they discover what they are passionate about. It’s even more amazing when they go out and do it! Unfortunately, too many never reach their dream.

Why is Fear Holding You Back from a Career You Love?

We help our clients focus on what inspires them and then guide them to careers that fit their passion. Too often, I hear clients tell me that they don’t think they have the time, or the ability to do what they truly love. They feel trapped by financial obligations, their age, or their past experiences. There are many reasons why they can’t fulfill their dreams, but primarily it is fear. The good news is fear can be overcome and turned into the motivator for greatness.

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

We should not be measured by what we do, but instead of who we want to become. Some of the happiest and most successful people are those who decided who they wanted to be and then worked hard to make it happen. For some, it is to become executive-level leaders, great artists, to help people, or to simply be able to have enough money to enjoy their lives.

They didn’t focus on what they wanted to be, they focused on WHO they wanted to be. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t be defined by our job title, salary, or car, but how much we love what we do and how well we do it. I have discovered many things over my years as an executive manager, business owner, ditch digger, etc., people who love what they do will always outperform, outlast, and outdo their peers. The best part is they’ll have fun doing it.

How Do You Conquer the Fear?

First, you face your fear and name it. What is keeping you from changing jobs, going back to school, learning a new skill or simply being who you were meant to be? Write it down, and then figure out ways to conquer it. Trust me, I understand there are large obstacles that can stand before us, however, with perseverance and work anyone can get around almost anything. Check out this list of amazing people who didn’t let age stand in the way of their dreams.

Start small. You don’t have to conquer everything in one day. Develop a plan with steps. Sometimes the path to your dream career is quick and other times it may take years. Either way, you will make it if you stay on the path. We’ve all heard about SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Limited goals that allow us to focus on the plan, measure results, and move towards the desired outcome. Creating a career you love starts with specifically naming each goal/step and then doing the hard work to find out what it takes to get there. It takes a plan and the bravery to follow it.

Invest in Yourself!

Successful people invest in themselves. They read, they learn, and they look for ways to grow. Want to learn a new skill or get some preliminary information check out (Note: you can get free access to Lynda at many public libraries.) Udemy has great online courses for nearly everything. Want to be a manager? Get management training now, so you’re ready when the opportunity arises, or so you can talk to your supervisor about your career. Click here to learn about our Management Training program. Whoever you want to become, it starts with the commitment to yourself.

You Can Do This!

The greatest stories are those of people who have conquered the odds, focused on their goals, and become exactly who they wanted to be. I’ve seen it first hand and have even had the opportunity to be part of the journey. You can too. If you need help, reach out to us. We want to help. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation here.

Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.” – Hal Elrod

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