By Carrie S Ahmad, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Can We Make it to the Top?

I recently climbed my first 14er and for much of the hike I was thinking how similar mountain climbing is to a job search. When you begin your job search, you are at the base peering up at a peak that seems incredibly daunting. How long will it take? What obstacles will you face along the way? Is the peak really attainable? Is it even worth the effort?

I was given wonderful advice once that when you are mountain climbing, you shouldn’t focus on the peak; just put one foot in front of the other and focus on the next step. What great advice for the job search too! When we focus too much on “the job” and not just on the next logical step, we can feel overwhelmed and ready to turn back. Don’t give up hope – just keep in mind the next best step.

Develop a Plan for Your Job Search

You’ve started the job search journey and ahead you see a boulder field of jobs and career paths. You think to yourself, how will I maneuver through that? This is where developing a job search strategy and networking can be extremely helpful. Build a strategy for your search and use your network to guide your path. Request informational meetings to learn more about employers that interest you and different business cultures. Reach out to contacts who could make an introduction that gets your foot in the door to a company you admire. Identify the job boards that post jobs specific to your skills and interests. Building your strategy and using your network provides insight into companies and jobs that can be very beneficial when you are trying to determine how to navigate the job search. If you don’t even know where to begin in building your strategy or how to build your network, seek professional career support.

A Good Resume Equals Interviews

You’ve developed a strategy and are using your network, and now you’ve come to the river crossing. Is your resume getting you interviews? If not, your next step is to re-write your resume. Research what makes a resume stand out and try re-writing it yourself. If writing scares you, hire a Professional Resume Writer to help you over the river to developing a resume that gets noticed by employers.

If you are getting interviews, then the next step is to sharpen your interviewing skills. Practice with friends and family or seek a professional Career Counselor/Coach to help you learn to successfully interview. Crossing the ridge from interview fails to interviews success takes preparation and practice.

Welcome to the Top!

Before you know it, focusing on the next step, one step at a time, has led you to the peak. With a job search strategy, network, strong resume, and interview preparation in place, you are ready to summit the career mountain. And if you need help in any of these areas along the way, our wonderful team at Turning the Corner is here to help you on the journey! Give us a call at  or contact us here to get started!

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