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Outplacement and Your Organization

Mar 29, 2020 | HR Services

By Carrie S Ahmad, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

We recently partnered with several organizations to provide outplacement resources and support to their employees in the midst of layoffs due to restructuring and acquisitions. Reductions in force create a stressful time for everyone involved – the employees who lose their jobs, the managers who have to reduce their staff, and the remaining employees who feel the emotional and productivity toll of co-workers leaving.

As our CEO, Kendra Prospero, stresses during keynote speeches, outplacement services sustain a positive relationship with company alumni, current employees, and the local community. Providing support during a difficult career transition shows compassion and helps people to leave with dignity.

Outplacement Services Support Your Employees

Beyond providing a compassionate approach to easing the shock experienced by displaced employees, outplacement support benefits your organization in a number of ways. When retained employees learn that terminated employees were given support by the employer in their new job search, loyalty is built between the current staff and leadership. Additionally, knowing the company “did right” by the exiting employees improves the organization’s employer brand.

Whether you are letting one employee go or a hundred, outplacement support helps terminated workers find work significantly faster thus reducing skills gaps and unemployment. These employees are also more likely to give your company favorable reviews in the future and remain potential re-hires when the economy picks up. And finally, outplacement services may help reduce your liability as a business. When you show fairness and responsibility for your employees, they are more likely to feel positive about your company and less likely to file a lawsuit for the termination.

We will make the Transition Easier

Our team at Turning the Corner has been helping people with their job search for many years, and also helping organizations manage their staff, so we take a realistic approach to helping people find work quickly after a lay-off. We think the best approach is to provide a blended model of face-to-face time as well as web based and self-guided time. We have options for single person dismissals or large corporate layoffs. If you are interested in learning more about these services, contact Carrie Ahmad at [email protected] or Kendra Prospero at [email protected].