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Are Your Employees Leaving?

Apr 2, 2020 | HR Services

By Carrie S Ahmad, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

A recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 45% of employees who feel satisfied in their current jobs are open to seeking a new position. That’s almost half of all satisfied employees! These are not your disgruntled, unmotivated employees. These are the folks who you, the employer, believe are content and not going anywhere. Are you ready for those team members to walk out the door?

In the current job market companies and recruiters are poaching top talent left and right to fill their open positions. How does a company stop their good people from leaving for a new opportunity? At Turning the Corner, we have seen patterns emerge over the last year as to why people are looking to leave their current jobs.

Some of those key reasons for employees leaving are:

  • Lack of flexibility and work-life balance
  • Not feeling connected to a mission they believe in
  • Too much time spent commuting to/from work
  • Being enticed by better compensation and benefits packages
  • Disappointment in management and leadership
  • Wanting to feel like they have a voice and can make an impact
  • Desire to work in a role that utilizes and values their strengths

Do you Know What Your Team Needs?

Take time to honestly evaluate if you are an organization that supports these needs and desires of employees. If not, are there small tweaks you can make that cost little but make a big impact and boost employee loyalty?

  • Consider allowing employees to adjust their hours to avoid rush hour commutes.
  • Help employees see how their role fits into the larger picture of the organization. When they complete tasks or projects affirm their hard work and explain to them how their piece completes the puzzle and why it’s important.
  • Give employees opportunities to express ideas and brainstorm solutions to challenges your organization is facing.

How Flexible is Your Company?

As we begin to meld several generations together and head into a skills shortage, workplace flexibility is going to become more and more important. Parents want to be available for their kids; Millennials thrive on having time to explore life and hobbies outside of work; and Boomers aren’t ready to leave the workforce but desire a balance between challenging work and preparing for retirement. Providing flexibility to your employees speaks volumes about your level of trust in them and your willingness to care for them.

Instill Loyalty

Find ways to build loyalty among your staff so when the recruiter rings their phone or drops them an email hoping to poach them, the response they hear is “No thank you, I’m happy in my current role and not looking to leave.”