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The 5 Why’s of Hiring

Aug 20, 2020 | Recruiting

Ah yes, hiring managers. How do you keep that competitive edge when hiring??? You’re going to hire someone to solve your problem, while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

BUT, before you pull the trigger and “go to market” to find that person to solve that problem. Ask yourselves the 5 why’s (and how) first:

1) Who? – Who are we as a collective group, the values that we share?

This determines who will align culturally.

2) What? – What specific tasks / behaviors will this person be performing?

This provides clear direction on both the skills this person will need to have, as well as how to manage, evaluate, and develop the new employee.

3) When? – When do you TRULY need this person by? And how much time will it take for this person to TRULY be productive (be realistic)?

Timing is important and this will help determine when you’re really ready for this person as well as level expectations with the timeline for on-boarding the new employee.

4) Why? – Why do you need really need this person? This will help avoid impulsive decisions, often unnecessary.

This is a highly analytical step.

5) Where? – Where does the position NEED to be (location)? Is there flexibility (remote possibilities, etc.)?

Where are you willing to recruit from and why? Lifestyle fit is incredibly important. People have lives outside of work and different ways they work, and logistics matter.

6) How? – What is your advertising, interviewing, and on-boarding strategy?

How will managers get the best out of their new hires? Have a plan!!!

To be clear, this is not everything to consider, but it’s at least a good start. If you hire without appropriate preparation, or just to offload work quickly, a lot of pain and wasted time is likely in your future.


-Drew Bonder