Hello! I'm Kevin
Kevin O'Shaughnessey TTC President COO

Kevin O’Shaughnessey

President & COO

Kevin brings his lessons from working to build great workplaces and growing organizations to Turning the Corner. He has led and navigated many of the challenges that our customer businesses and leaders face: how to keep and enhance meaning, values, customer-focus, esprit de corps, and opportunity in tandem with rapidly growing revenue and expanding geographically. His mission is to apply that experience in service to our customers and our own team.

Kevin enjoys family time with wife and two children and as an occasional weekend warrior on the mountain bike trails and slopes. He’s recently been enjoying reading sci-fi novels and short stories too. He has been an avid past (and future) traveler to many countries and all states but Arkansas(?!), with more recent escapades as a gymnastics and school chauffer.


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