Hello! I'm Stephanie
Kevin O'Shaughnessey TTC President COO

Stephanie Eddy

Director, People & HR Services

Stephanie fell into human resources over 20 years ago. She really enjoys seeing how impactful HR can be. Whether it be helping an employee make that next step in their career or assisting a manager on how best to communicate with their team, Stephanie is passionate about the human side of human resources.

Stephanie received her bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and has her PHR certification. She has worked in the staffing industry, healthcare, wholesale distribution and has worked with clients in oil & gas, IT support as well as hospitality.

As a recent empty-nester, Stephanie is leaning into the quiet and learning to enjoy doing whatever she wants. Sometimes this is taking a Pilates class and other times it’s meeting friends for happy hour and she’s hoping to add more travel to the list.


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Retaining Your Team Through the Generations – an Interview with Karen Norheim

Retaining Your Team Through the Generations – an Interview with Karen Norheim

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