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5 Strategies to Find a New Job while you’re Still Employed

May 19, 2020 | Find a Job

By Kendra Prospero
CEO, Turning the Corner, LLC

Tips to Look for a Job While Still Working

If you have the best job in the world, your company is growing at breakneck speed or there is no danger of downsizing then this article is probably not for you. For the rest of us, who envision a world without stress, greater flexibility and a yacht sized salary, the opportunities are out there and companies are hiring once again. The challenge is letting prospective employers know you are on the market without making your boss, spouse or yourself paranoid.

Recruiters and hiring professionals know that the best time to look for a job is when you are employed. You have a steady income, money in your pocket and the time to look for the perfect position. The absence of desperation gives you more confidence in interviews and when you are networking within safe circles. There are some great strategies that will allow you to increase opportunities without finding yourself escorted out of your office.

1. Update your resume.

You should have a professionally done, updated resume available at all times in both electronic and hard copy formats. You should also have the resume tailored to the position you desire and customize your resume to meet the prospective company’s specific needs.

Never post your resume on a job board or talk with people at the office about your job search. It is highly possible your superiors will find your resume if posted on the internet, and whether they tell you they found it or not, it will change the dynamic of your office environment. Likewise, even if your best friend may be in the office next door do not speak about looking for a new position. All it takes is one office conversation and you may be having an uncomfortable meeting with your superior.

If your supervisor discovers your intentions and confronts you, honesty is always the best policy. Calmly discuss your reasons for seeking other employment, acknowledge you are looking for better opportunities and answer any questions. It is possible it may be a wakeup call for your employer and you may receive a great offer. If not, then you can sleep at night knowing you told the truth. Integrity should always be the core value of your search.

2. Continue to do your best work.

Although companies are running lean these days, they also understand the value of employees that produce big results and contribute to the growth of the company. Take notes about successes and challenges you conquered and big wins you brought for the company. You should be noting your accomplishments and looking for ways to improve yourself. Use this time to get caught up on industry trends and learn as much as you can, to increase your in your field and to those hiring.

3. Keep networking.

You would be surprised how many people are hired because of who they know, and not solely dependent on their skills and experience. Tell people about what you do, not who you work for, highlighting successes and challenges overcome. Explain what you love about what you do, and never denigrate your current employer. This only reflects poorly on your nature.

If you are in a safe group, let them know you are open to new opportunities. Stay in contact with professional contacts and continue to provide them excellent service. Remain top of mind. Often professionals are asked who they know when a company is looking for new employees. Being one of the top people in your field makes you more visible when companies start looking.

4. Update or create your LinkedIn account.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account start one today. This social network has become one of the leading resources for recruiters, head hunters and hiring departments. Having a complete and specific profile allows people to search for you and your specialties. Make sure to include titles and keywords about your skills. I.e., Director of Sales for B2B applications in commercial software. Be specific about your position, talents and accomplishments. Don’t list you are seeking a new position or employment.

5. Consider using a recruitment agency or job search company.

The obvious advantage is that companies specializing in finding and hiring employees have inside knowledge and access to unpublished openings, growing corporations and top executives. In addition, they understand the need for confidentiality.  Take the time to interview prospective firms carefully, since most agencies work for the hiring company, not the job seeker. The right agency will place your needs and goals at the same level of the prospective employers.

There is always a glimmer of hope for a better office, a more enviable title and better salary. It is not a crime to seek a better opportunity while you are still employed, nor should you feel guilty. It is important to be honest, ethical and a good employee while you search, while maintaining a level of privacy.

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