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Why Do Managers Need Training?

May 26, 2021 | Training

By Turning the Corner Staff

It’s no secret that engaged employees are the foundation of a great organization. In fact, studies show that these perform up to 202% better than their competition!

And in Gallup’s most recent measurement, 36%  of employees in the US feel engaged at work.

It’s been shown that “individuals who are engaged are loyal to the company and emotionally committed to getting the job done well. They excel in their roles, and they influence with their skills and talents. These professionals take on projects and initiatives outside of their job description and invest in their development.”

Engaged employees are the result of great managers.

As both leaders and members of the team, managers set the tone for an organization. Strong, competent managers allow companies to reach their key business objectives. In addition, managers keep everyone informed on what’s happening at different levels of a company, supporting engaged teams and reducing employee attrition.

In a research study, Google learned that “striking the right balance between providing support to your team and giving them space to grow is one of the main characteristics of great managers.” That requires skills like confidence management, emotional intelligence, and holding dignified conversations—which don’t just come with the job. These abilities are learned and refined when put into practice.

That’s why in today’s competitive business landscape, management training is a key HR strategy. But many companies don’t have the resources or bandwidth to do this in-house. And to create truly great teams, a “learn as you go” approach for new managers just won’t cut it.

We designed our Fast Track Management Training Program with all of this in mind. Participants will learn how to adopt a flexible leadership style and, in turn, increase employee engagement, grow profits, and help build a better company.

The virtual management training course connects managers and leaders from various industries all over the United States. In weekly collaborative sessions, participants master effective leadership strategies by learning from our expert team and participating in breakouts and discussion groups.

If this sounds like something you or your team could benefit from, take a look at the syllabus and be sure to watch the video below.

Learn more about our Fast Track Management Training Program

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