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Kendra’s Corner: A Reflection

Jun 27, 2022 | News

By Kendra Prospero, CEO

I have something to admit: I’m someone who judges people who need reminders. But, as I look around my desk, I now see that I’m one of them.

Here’s the backstory. I have a cat that is fascinated by the movement of water, and we can’t leave a glass of water sitting around because he will find it and he will tip it over. Sure enough, my cat did that on my desk today.

I was arguably very mad at him because he normally doesn’t come into my office. But, as I was cleaning up the mess, I realized there was an opportunity in this experience.

Sentimental items on Kendra's desk

To clean up the water I had to rearrange my desk. And now, I see it now in a different way:

  • I see that joy is my driving value.
  • I see my two best friends: my husband and my sister from another mister.
  • I see my family taking me on a roller coaster (both literally and figuratively).
  • I see our team at our holiday party having so much fun.
  • I see the reminder that my deepest fear is not that I am inadequate, but it is that I am afraid that I am powerful beyond measure.
  • I see my daily reminder that there is a high probability that I will make a difference in someone’s life today, so, “get up and take a shower.”
  • I see a beautiful vase made by my aunt filled with my favorite pens.

My space is so beautiful to remind me—even with a decent dose of head trash—who I am.

I am surrounded by reminders and it’s good. Thank you, my love. Thank you to my kiddos. Thank you, Heather. Thank you, Aunt Ardee. Thank you to our team.

On another note…
I’ve spent the week interviewing the coolest people for our new podcast, “How I Turned the Corner.” Stay tuned for more info about this; it will be released soon!

I can’t believe this is my job—there are so many great people doing such amazing work. Thank you to all these amazing friends who have shared their time and experiences with me.

Soon, I am headed to the city of my dreams for a trip—New York City. I lived there when I was 17 and tried to make it on Broadway. I can’t wait to share this place with my kids and be the “Kendra Positioning System” for my directionally-challenged family.

Since I’m out of the office, I probably won’t post next week. However, this economy is interesting. Please read up on the Beveridge Curve (named for an economist). I believe that we are here because people no longer need second and third jobs. This makes me sad that we have built an economy that expects people to be in poverty to sustain the number of open positions. Is this what we want as a society?

At Turning the Corner, we believe that meaningful work that we enjoy is one of life’s greatest rewards—it’s why we do what we do! Our mission is to end suffering in the workplace and empower businesses to thrive through various HR services and training opportunities.