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Kendra’s Corner: We’ve Got Proof the Great Resignation and Quiet Quit are NOT a Trend for Everyone

Sep 13, 2022 | News

By Kendra Prospero

“There are themes I’ve noticed that reveal that some leaders are truly doing it better than the rest.”

I want you to know that the great resignation and the “quiet quit” trend are not a thing for every company. It’s an experience for companies that don’t care about their culture and employees.

I’m in a rare position where I get to hear so many stories about how leaders have built their companies. I know that none of us have come out of being a founder and entrepreneur without gaining some business scars along the way. However, there are themes I’ve noticed that reveal that some leaders are truly doing it better than the rest.

This is a very exciting week for me; I have dreamed about having a podcast for over five years, and I am so excited to announce that we are finally launching our very own!


TTC How I Turned the Corner Podcast hosted by Kendra Prospero


How I Turned the Corner

On our new “How I Turned the Corner” podcast, we will bring out these positive themes for other founders and entrepreneurs.The whole goal of this podcast is to share their success stories.

You’ll hear the vulnerability in these leaders as I discuss with them how they turned a corner and built a culture that they’re proud of—and why the trends of the Great Resignation are not part of their issues.

The other cool thing about this podcast is that I’ll be connecting with people from all over the United States. We’re hearing a full range of stories from both serial entrepreneurs and new founders, those who have had successful exits, people who have chosen to become a CEO of a new company, those who have been groomed to become CEO, as well as leaders from businesses backed by private equity/venture capital or funded by customers.

All of these stories are coming from different angles, revealing some very interesting themes. Each conversation has left me feeling that I’ve learned something new and profound.

A taste of what’s to come

When you have a great company culture, it’s a lot easier to hire and retain people. Our first episode introduces a serial entrepreneur and shares his experiences building multiple different businesses and how his commitment to diversity has greatly benefited his technology.

Next, I talk to a woman who was groomed to become the CEO of her company and is now thriving by creating a culture where there’s an enormous amount of giving back and community interaction.

And to round out our first three episodes, one of my dear friends and fellow Colorado entrepreneur shares his experiences growing and building businesses.

We are planning to launch a new interview every week. Please subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. And if you want to be on this podcast or know someone who has a great story to tell, please let me know! I’d love to talk to them.

Other things happening in my life: I’m listening to the book “Tiny Habits,” which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend listening to it as an audiobook because there’s a fabulous story at the beginning that the author doesn’t have in the written version.

I’m so proud to share that my sweet husband started his second career as an immigration lawyer working for RMIAN. If you ever think you can’t do a complete career switch, you need to hear his story. If he can do it, YOU can do it (maybe I should invite him to the podcast)!


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