A leader’s role is more than just managing projects; it is also about building a culture. Rather than focusing on technical skills, leaders need to focus on managerial and leadership skills. Building a culture within your team and organization can help your business grow and get closer to reaching its goals. As a leader, you will be tasked with setting the right tone for your employees. You have the ability to shape and mold their experiences in your company.

Why is culture important? Because the culture of a company defines its personality. The right culture can help your business grow, attract and retain top talent, and generate revenue. The wrong one can make companies lose their competitive edge quickly. To build the culture that will drive your business to new heights, you need a solid understanding of exactly what that means for your business. And that’s where it all starts: with leadership.

Join Kendra Prospero as she interviews Tammira Philippe of Bridgeway Capital Management as she shares her perspective of leaders on leadership and building a culture within the business to help the organization’s growth.

Don’t delay in becoming the best leader you can be in your organization

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