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How to Scale Culture FAST!

Jan 3, 2023 | HR Services, News, Podcast, Recruiting

Going from seven employees to 25 is an exciting part of any organization’s journey. However, it’s also one you need to tread carefully to avoid disturbing your company’s existing culture and environment.

In this video, Anthony Halsch, the Founder and CEO of ROXBOX Containers, a Denver-based manufacturer of modular buildings shares how to scale culture fast. ROXBOX has experienced rapid growth from seven to 25 employees in less than three months.

Kendra Prospero and Anthony discuss the ups and downs of this expansion along with valuable and practical lessons he learned along the way to help you grow. He discusses the structure of the organization, how they realign and communicate goals to keep the product rolling, and how he’s turning the corner as CEO to manage all this and prevent the burnout of his employees and himself.

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