Recruiting employees is hard. You want to find the best candidates, but you also want to ensure they’re a good fit for your team and company culture. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to offer if your new employee isn’t going to fit into your company culture.

In this video, Kendra Prospero and Jill Ellsworth share some tips for improving employee recruiting, some of which may surprise you because they have nothing to do with posting on job boards or messaging people on social media but instead focus on becoming a better leader and interviewer.
When interviewing someone, you want to get the most out of the conversation. You want to learn about the person’s skills and personality and how they’ll fit in with your company’s culture.

You also want to ensure that the candidate is interested in working for your company and that they feel comfortable with you and your team.
Here are some tips on how to become a better interviewer:
Be yourself. Don’t ask robotic questions or ask questions that are too general or just plain boring. Get to know the person you are interviewing on a personal level. This will help them relax and open up more during the interview process.

Don’t ask what they think are dumb questions, like “What are your weaknesses?” Everyone has weaknesses and all that does is make people nervous. Instead, ask them about their favorite elements of a job they’ve had. For example: “What do you need from a job?” or “Tell me about a perfect day at work.”

Don’t assume anything about their experience because of their age or gender; treat everyone equally and ensure that everyone feels like they’re being heard during an interview process.

Hear how Jill transformed as a leader and more lessons learned along the way.

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