You run an organization that is driven by mission, and you want to build a culture that empowers employees at every level to be engaged so they can serve at the highest level.

But how do you marry mission and culture while still accomplishing everything that needs to be done practically on a daily basis, including recruiting and, training & development?

In this episode, Perry LaRoque Ph.D. shares leadership lessons learned running Mansfield Hall. Mansfield Hall supports young adults attending college and transitioning to independence. They are a comprehensive residential program that is individualized and flexible based on student needs. They serve students who have learning disabilities, mild autism, Asperger’s syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD, executive functioning impairments, or other students with unique characteristics that may pose challenges in the transition to college life. 

Key leadership lessons to be gained include:

  • ideas for inspiring people around the mission
  • how to empower key employees & directors to be the inspiring people in the mission
  • why it’s important to keep second-level management as engaged as the inner circle
  • tips for recruiting and hiring mission-driven leaders

“Start with people who have a love for the work that they do; everything else can be trained.” – Perry LaRoque Ph.D.