Jason Wiener is the Principal of the boutique law and business consulting practice Jason Wiener P.C., and co-founder of “Colorado Cooperative Developers”.  He has advised on more than two dozen worker-cooperative conversions, several multi-stakeholder ownership conversions, and more than a dozen platform cooperatives.  He is a lawyer who is also an owner. He has employees and a bird’s eye view of what is working or not in the world of corporate structures.  

In this interview, you will learn:

  • how to organize a company so that employees have as much “skin in the game” as owners
  • why how you structure your company can improve employee performance and productivity
  • why quality of work improves when employees have ownership
  • what types of companies benefit from converting the company structure into employee-owned and the impact on company culture
  • lessons learned from Jason’s personal journey as an attorney and entrepreneur
  • much more!