Imagine building a company that is on the cutting edge of science and of the way we manage medicine and disease  – this mission is phenomenal  –  but how do you build a culture that will bring the right team of people in to accomplish such a big mission? In this interview, you’ll meet Tim Lu, the Co-founder and CEO of Senti Biosciences about how he’s done it. He has over 150 employees and has the ability to get everyone moving in the same direction around such a complex and emerging science.

You’ll learn:

  • how his experience as a professor at MIT led to him co-founding Senti Bio
  • why culture and values is front and center to their recruiting efforts
  • why they rely on their employees to be the evangelists for their company
  • what they’re looking for from a values perspective when hiring employees and onboarding them into their culture successfully
  • much more!