We all know what a wiki is right? Well in programming terms, the framework like a wiki is opensource – where a bunch of smart programmers contribute to it to make it better, safer, and less buggy. Imagine applying that same principle to your culture where you’re more open so that your teams perform better, feel safer, and generate better ideas. Especially now with remote teams – how do you collaborate with people when they are not next to each other? 

How can you unlock team potential through self-organization and agility? That’s what we talked about in the interview with George DeMet. He is the founder and Co-CEO of Palantier.net, a full-service digital consultancy that uses open-source technologies to help others discover, create, and share knowledge– and he’s applied these same ideas to his staff and culture. 

In this video, you will learn:

  • how George applies concepts found in open source technology to product development and agility as an organization 
  • about the unique company focus that results in stable, dedicated teams
  • how they manage remote workers successfully
  • much more!