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Is There a Way to Manage Culture That’s Better Than Values? – An Interview With Cindy Jordan

Aug 8, 2023 | HR Services, Leadership, Podcast, Recruiting

There aren’t many entrepreneurs whose career experience includes police officer, presidential campaign fundraiser, marketing strategist and founder of two healthcare IT startups. Cindy Jordan’s current venture came to light in 2017 motivated by her stepdaughter’s struggle with a mental health crisis. Vowing to wage a war on loneliness, Cindy was moved to create Pyx Health. It’s this idea that if they can stop one family from having to experience what they’ve experienced, then they’re making a difference. And it turns out, they probably do that about 900 times a day because that’s how many intervention calls they make.


Five years later, Pyx Health is a proven solution that is helping the country’s most at-risk populations by tackling loneliness and closing gaps in care in real-time. Cindy’s goal is to see broad healthcare industry transformation – to have loneliness a diagnosable, treatable, and covered condition.


Cindy shares her family’s story because the heart of what Pyx is about is culture. What she knew is that they wanted to take her daughter’s legacy and figure out how to turn it into an actual culture that you could wrap your arms around, talk about, and write down on a piece of paper. 


The question we explore in this discussion is this: is there a better way to manage culture than values?