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How To Build The Essential Ingredient Of Purpose Into Your Culture – An Interview With Akhtar Badshah & Aaron Hurst

Aug 22, 2023 | HR Services, Leadership, Podcast, Recruiting

In a world driven by profit and efficiency, one company dares to challenge the status quo. Akhtar Badshah and Aaron Hurst are Co-founders of Purpose Mindset which asks the question: what happened to the purpose in work? 

Akhtar and Aaron are on a quest that takes them across industries, igniting a fire within them to help companies rediscover their true essence. They share wisdom and experience with managers and leaders, unveiling a transformative approach that shifts the very foundation of organizational culture. 

After listening to or watching this episode, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how being purpose-driven can uplift the quality and satisfaction from your work in a post-pandemic world that shifted everything for many of us.
  • Understand why leadership isn’t “like command and control” anymore and how to uncover methods to seed a purpose-centric culture within your teams and organization.
  • Navigate the avenues of introspection to discover your individual life purpose.
  • Absorb lessons on the role of leadership in infusing purpose and meaning into workforce.
  • Align work and life seamlessly, fostering a more comprehensive grasp of your purpose.