Levi Torres, the president of High Five Plumbing, is a true innovator in the trades. Faced with the prevalent challenge of finding skilled workers, Levi decided to take a different approach and develop an apprenticeship program that trains individuals to become the plumbers he needs. High Five Plumbing’s remarkable growth and recognition as a fastest-growing company can be attributed to Levi’s vision and dedication to building a skilled workforce. With his apprentice program, Levi has created a clear learning path for aspiring plumbers, allowing them to start from scratch and become proficient in just 24 months. By prioritizing team development and fostering a positive work culture, Levi has successfully built a strong and talented team at High Five Plumbing. Join us in this episode as we dive into Levi’s inspiring journey and discover how his innovative approach can help solve the talent shortage in the trade industry.


In this episode, you’ll hear him talk about:  

  • Hear how Levi built a workforce with an apprentice program 
  • Improve business performance through targeted training and development.
  • Enhance training efficiency with cutting-edge virtual reality technology.
  • Inspire and retain apprentices for long-term business success.
  • Achieve deliberate growth with sustainable business practices.