Would You Wear Pants that Don’t Fit? Then Why Would You Hire the Wrong Person?

Are You Hiring the Right Fit for Your Company

By Drew Bonder, MSIODirector of Business Services, Turning the Corner, LLC
I'm sure that many of you are aware that the unemployment rate in Colorado was under 3% nearly the entire year in 2017. That has meant that most of the skilled workers had at least 3-4 opportunities available to them at any given time. AND, businesses are moving here in droves from San Francisco and Silicon Valley because leases are even more CRAZY in those areas. Thus, we're all fighting for the same pool of talent, and more businesses on moving here to join the competition.

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Stop The Epidemic of Bad Management

By Drew Bonder, MSIO Director of Business Services, Turning the Corner, LLC You’ve Been Promoted – NOW WHAT? Envision this. You’re an “A” player at your company. You exceed quota month after month, quarter after quarter, year after ...

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