Never Use These Words On A Resume!

Resume Words to Avoid

By Ginger Robitaille, PHR COO & HR Generalist, Turning the Corner, LLC   Your resume is your main ticket to getting hired. It sets the first impression — ALWAYS. It is important that you tailor your resume to the job posting<a ...

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Are You A Relevant Candidate?

By Ginger RobitailleDirector of Operations, Turning the Corner, LLC   Your Resume is Your First Impression-Make it Relevant Are you interested in finding a job as a Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, or Digital Marketer? Does ...

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A Recruiter’s Perspective on Resumes

By Ginger Robitaille, Certified Professional Recruiter Director of Recruitment, Turning the Corner, LLC   You have three to seven seconds to make a first impression. Is your resume up to the challenge? How Recruiters See Your ...

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