A Game Changing… Mistake?

By Kendra Prosper CEO and Founder, Turning the Corner, LLC
Remember that strategic decision in your company's history that was going to be a game changer? I hope that it was for the better, but that's not always the case. Sometimes a critical decision the business makes sends it into a tailspin with a long climb back up.

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Career Counseling for Grown Ups!

Career Counseling in Boulder and Denver

By Kendra Prospero CEO, Turning the Corner, LLC     One of the most common phrases we hear during career counseling sessions is, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up”. While we are prepared to<a class="read-more" ...

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Ghosts in the Workplace

Ghosts in the workplace scare everyone.

By Kendra Prospero CEO, Turning the Corner, LLC     Recently, we had a truly remarkable man reach out to our company because he felt like he was virtually worthless to his employer. He had been very successful in his<a ...

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How To Answer the Dreaded Salary Question

By Kendra Prospero CEO, Turning the Corner, LLC   I Hate that Question! Ug. The most dreaded question when interviewing is the, “So what are your salary requirements?” Nobody likes to hear it and most employers ask it in such<a ...

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