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Our team is made up of skilled, connected and compassionate employment professionals. We offer a full range of services for job seekers, and support for HR and recruiting. We understand what it’s like to be eager to take the next step on your career journey or needing to find the perfect candidate to fill a critical role in your organization. When you collaborate with Turning the Corner, you will work with a team of  people who have been there and will be fully focused on helping you achieve your objectives.

Recognized as one of the Best Places to Work

We are a team who helps job seekers find their dream job, and coaches companies to become the leaders in their industry. We know it is crucial that we set a good example. We are proud to be recognized as one of the best places to work in the Denver Metro Area. Our team is committed to providing the best services for our customers by promoting internal integrity, diversity, and fun. We genuinely do Love Our Jobs!

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"I went back to Turning the Corner LLC when I decided it was time for a career upgrade, this time partaking in the Job Search Essentials offer. I worked with Elizabeth for several weeks and learned so much about tailoring my job search, networking, and how to apply for positions I was interested in. TTC teaches you how to turn your job search into a job in and of itself, but it's a job that becomes effective (unlike the months of searching on my own)."

Kelly M

"You can spend days reading low-quality online resume advice, or you can get the 'secret sauce' directly from Turning The Corner and save yourself time and aggravation. A week after I started to put out my new resume, my inbox was overflowing with interview requests, I even had to turn some down! TTC helped me focus my search to better match my skills and be more judicious about the application process and my salary requirements. This personal service is a tremendous value for the price."

Ben J


Business Services

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