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Keeping Top Talent Starts with Finding Top Talent

Turning the Corner has you covered.

Often the hardest part about taking action is that first step. We make it easy with a free phone consultation. In this call, we help you clearly define the challenges you face and your desired outcome so that you have a better sense of what needs to be done. Then you can decide if you would like our help in achieving your objectives.

Finding the best people is challenging. It’s also crucial to your company’s success. Effective recruiting takes patience, experience and diligent research. Our recruiting services focus on more than just applicant qualifications. We diligently pursue potential employees who fit your culture, have a strong desire for growth and who can make an immediate positive impact.

HR Consulting that Drives Increased Retention and Greater Productivity

Today’s workforce is more dissatisfied than ever. Recent polls reveal that nearly 70 percent of people are unhappy in their job. Just as concerning to employers is data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that 45 percent of employees who are satisfied are nevertheless open to seeking a new position.

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Get Insights and Assistance from an Experienced HR Consulting Company

With decades of cumulative experience and some of the most skilled HR experts anywhere, Turning the Corner can help you assess and improve the full spectrum of HR functions.

Position Analysis and Job Descriptions

Do your job descriptions attract the kind of qualified candidates you’re looking for? Do they accurately describe the work your team members do on a daily basis? Do they reflect the culture of your organization? Our team knows how to craft job descriptions that put a company in the best light and pique the interest of exceptional candidates.

Employee Retention and Engagement

Attrition Assessments

Through exit interview analysis, review of attrition trends, and interviews with management and staff we address your attrition concerns and partner with you to build a strategy to reduce unwanted departures and retain top talent.

Compensation Plans

While compensation isn’t typically a “Top 3” need of employees and candidates, lack of compensation clarity or compensation that doesn’t compare well to the market can cause hiring and retention issues. We partner with you to evaluate your current compensation methods and develop a compensation plan that meets the needs both of your employees and your company.

Onboarding Program Development

What better way to help your new employees succeed than by introducing them to their new coworkers, providing an informative overview of the company, and giving them specific information about their departments and their individual role and responsibilities? The most engaged, productive and loyal employees are those whose tenure gets off to a strong start through a well-designed onboarding program, which we can help you develop, test and refine.

Performance Management

One of the toughest challenges for managers and leaders is how to address subpar performance. We work with you to create a comprehensive performance management system that identifies gaps, addresses issues and provides the necessary documentation to manage employee performance and to take further action when an employee’s performance doesn’t improve.

Talent Management

Employees want to know that they are valued by your organization and that you are investing in their professional development. One way to address this expectation is to have a clearly defined schedule of talent management meetings, monthly checkpoints, quarterly reviews and annual reviews. We help you develop this important feedback process.

Culture Assessments

Utilizing the unique OPQ32 assessment along with individual employee interviews, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of each employee’s strengths and areas for improvement, as well as coaching strategies and recommendations for improving overall organizational culture and health.

Employment Law Compliance

HR Department Audits

We leverage our extensive HR experience and knowledge of current best practices to audit your HR files and HR activities and ensure your organization is compliant with federal, state and local laws.

Employee Handbook Development and Revision

Whether you need to create an Employee Handbook or revise your current document, we have the expertise to create a document that is compliant with employment laws and regulations, and reflective of the culture of your organization.

Management Coaching and Development

Through one-on-one coaching and group training of your managers, we help ensure that your company leaders are working well individually and collectively.

Outplacement Support and Reductions in Workforce

We offer a comprehensive Outplacement package to help businesses support their employees when workforce reductions become necessary. Career coaching, resume writing, interview coaching and job search services are available at corporate rates. Providing outplacement support to your staff not only benefits those leaving the organization, but also positively impacts how remaining employees and the public view your organization.

Visioning and Strategic Planning

Having a clear and well-articulated vision for your organization and the difference it makes is essential for building success, alignment – and passion – in your company. Everyone in your company should know and be able to articulate your WHY and your vision. Yet often times as companies grow, its sense of purpose and passion gets lost in the day-to-day pressures of running a business. This is a danger zone and directly dilutes employee engagement and financial success.

A Deep Dive

At Turning the Corner we are not interested in delivering a service or training then leaving, never to be seen again. Our hope is to get to know your company well so we can serve you in the most meaningful and optimal ways. Our process starts with a deep dive into understanding who you are and what you need most. From here we design a plan for you that puts you on the path to success.

Defining Your Why

We will help you define or reconnect to the following questions: What is the unique difference your product of company makes in the world? Why does it matter? What are you truly trying to accomplish through your business, service or product? This is followed up by a comprehensive roll out plan to make sure every employee and stakeholder understands and can articulate your WHY, reigniting their energy around it.

Creating a Vision

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there? We believe that taking time to articulate your desired outcomes is the key to manifesting them. We love to run visioning sessions with any group in your company that has a passion to achieve. Sessions are followed up by a roll out plan to be sure everyone is aware of and engaged.

Create Your Future

It’s time you discover more than where you want to be but also how to get there.

What Our Clients Say About Our HR Consulting Services

— Rob Kaufold, Cauldera, LLC & Hemera Regnant, LLC

Benefits of Using Turning the Corner - Saves Time: Reviewing lots of resumes, thoroughly checking references and backgrounds, interviewing, and follow up, even if the candidate isn’t the right match, takes a lot of time, especially to do it well. Relieves Anxiety: It’s hard to tell people they didn’t get the job, especially when you’ve spent time interviewing and getting to know them. Greater Pool to Hire From: Turning the Corner has a wide range of resources to find great candidates. Make Better Hiring Decisions: No more feeling stressed to make a decision sometimes just because you know you don’t have time to do more interviews. Added Expert Insight to help you make the right choice: Having to make the decision solely on your own without another informed opinion can be stressful and overwhelming. We first engaged Turning the Corner, LLC in 2013 to help us find a Controller. After the successful completion of that project, we hired Kendra and her team as the outsourced provider for our human resource functions. Engaged services have included staffing, annual performance evaluation, onboarding of new employees, termination and outplacement services, and benefits evaluation. They also helped us construct, review and distribute our employee manual earlier in 2015. Turning the Corner has become an essential and trusted partner for our small business. I highly recommend Kendra and the team at Turning the Corner, LLC for any human resource need.

Rob Kaufold, Cauldera, LLC & Hemera Regnant, LLC

Cliff U

"I've had a chance to get to know Kendra and the team at Turning the Corner over the last year or so. In that time, I've been impressed both with their pulse on the local market and their deep expertise in partnering to drive culture initiatives will various organizations.As a leader of the local Enterprise Sales Forum, I invited Kendra to present to you group last Fall and couldn't have been more pleased with the results. She led an entertaining and engaging session and we received high marks across all of the feedback from attendees."

- Cliff U

anonymous A

"The Management Training Series was exceptional. I have been through a few different classes, but this one stands out since it ties all of the classes into one method to be a better manager. The trainers were awesome and were very willing to provide advice for specific situations. This was well worth the cost and time."

anonymous A

Robin F

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ginger on my resume rewrite and LinkedIn profile update. She was meticulous as she captured my years of experience concisely while showcasing my brand value in the most meaningful and relevant light. She is truly an invaluable asset to Turning the Corner! I am so grateful!"

- Robin F

Sean L

"I have worked with many other organizations before as an HR professional in my field for 13 years, and Turning the Corner offers excellence beyond any services I have ever received. They understand what it means to run a smooth organization, and most importantly understand the value and importance that the HR function has. Recently I worked with them on a project for my organization (Camp Bow Wow) and working with them has increased my ability to strive for excellence in my HR department. As a solo HR individual, having an organization like Turning the Corner allows me to think through strategic decisions, and help with projects as I need them. I can't thank them enough for their support, and I can't wait to continue our relationship into the future!"

- Sean L