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A total rewards package needs to be relevant and competitive.

We regularly review employees salaries to ensure they are fair.
Our benefits are competitive.
We have a process for giving bonuses.
We have a consistent process for giving raises.
We have a formal recognition system.
We know our employees are happy with pay and comp.


Your employees need to know your WHY, VISION and VALUES. They are the guiding principles for your organization and your people.

The reason our company exists is clear to everyone.
Our WHY well-known throughout the company.
We know our company’s 5+ year VISION for the future.
Our employees know our VISION.
Our employees know our company VALUES.
Our employees know how our VALUES lead to their behavior.


Hiring the right people is crucial. Bad hires cost you more than money; they can also destroy morale.

Turnover seems reasonable.
Our hiring process guides our team to know that a candidate is a great fit.
We are clear on our value proposition for why people will like working for our company.
We’re clear about what roles we need filled over the next year.
We enjoy the process of hiring.
We have a clear 30, 60, 90 day onboarding experience.
We lose people at the right time.


Setting expectations and providing the tools needed to meet them is crucial to ensure that your employees are focusing on your WHY.

Every employee has clear goals that are achievable and will drive the business.
We give feedback in a dignified and constructive way.
Our managers regularly have 1:1 meetings with everyone on their teams.
We have a set process for those employees who can’t meet our standards.
Everyone generally gets along well.
We have a trusted professional that our employees go to when they need help.


Train your managers to be the catalyst to help your employees reach and exceed their potential.

All our managers been trained on how to manage.
Our managers have the skills to coach and inspire.
They understand the link between management style and employee engagement.
Our managers are high in Emotional Intelligence.
Our leadership team is continuously working on being a better leader.
We use a 360 degree feedback tool to gauge leaders.


HR is more than paperwork and benefits. It is the people side of business. People matter and you get to prove it.

We feel we are compliant with the law.
We are proud of our culture.
We balance flexibility with results.
Everyone knows their career path.
Our DEI initiatives seem to be working.
We have policies that feel like they are working.
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