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You don’t want to work for just any company. You’re looking to connect with an outstanding employer. We understand and are proud to recruit only for companies who value their employees, make a difference in their communities and have strong leadership. You can be confident that the job openings we promote have been thoroughly researched and represent a tremendous career opportunity for the right candidate.

We’re skilled job search specialists and recruiters, and we use our expertise, experience and industry connections to be “matchmakers” who find the perfect fit for both parties. When you’re excited about what a company has to offer you, and they’re excited about what you have to offer them, there is great potential for a long and mutually beneficial relationship! That’s what we aim for on your behalf.

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What does your ideal life look like? It’s about more than your job, of course. We all need some play time and some downtime. But being on a financially and personally rewarding career path is a great foundation for pursuing the other things you enjoy. How do we know this? Well, for one thing, it’s working for our team! We love what we do and look forward to coming to work every day. Ditching the “Monday dread” and being passionate about your career feels great.

We also know that finding the right job opening is life-changing because we’ve helped countless people figure out what’s best for them and then land exciting and fulfilling career positions. As you’ll see below, they frequently contact us to say how happy they are in their new role and to thank us for the guidance and support our team has provided.

Are you ready to make your move? It’s easy to get started. Contact us today to learn more about our full suite of services for job seekers. Then, if you decide to work with us, you’ll have the assistance of an experienced team of HR professionals who become your coaches, mentors and vocal advocates. Let’s get you hired!

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What Our Clients Say About Our Job Search Assistance

— Timothy F

“I’m so glad I found Turning the Corner because from the first email from you and phone consultation I knew I was in the right place. After revitalizing my resume I started getting phone interviews, then after 4 face-to-face interviews I was offered the perfect job for me and it only took ~ 2 months after meeting with your team. I know everyone’s job search is different but I can say without a doubt that your team made all the difference in the world and helped me turn the corner!”

Timothy F

— Sonya O

“I can’t thank you enough for your assistance with my job search. I’ve never had anyone help me with my resume or job search before, so I was a little bit apprehensive. Once I met with Kendra and the Turning the Corner team, I was immediately put at ease. They got to know who I was professionally and personally so they could fully represent my personality. They did a great job of helping me focus on what types of jobs I should be applying for, instead of anything that crossed my desk. Rose did an incredible job of re-writing and organizing my resume to fully capture my accomplishments and qualifications. Since I was looking at changing fields, I needed to capture qualities that could translate to a variety of jobs. For anyone looking for a new job, Turning the Corner will give you personalized and professional service. They stick with you as long as you need them to, they go above and beyond with their services. They have a client for life in me.”

— Sonya O

— Sara W

“I worked as a successful newspaper reporter for seven years. During the last two years, when it became clear it was time to transition careers, I began trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I sent out resumes in communications, but with little response. I loved being a reporter, and so it was difficult to figure out how to get excited about a new direction. I was so fortunate to meet Kendra Prospero at Turning the Corner, LLC. Our work together helped clarify for me that my true passion lies in writing books. Since that session, I have finished my first novel! Although I’m still discovering how to best contribute and earn by tapping into my passions and talents, I can trace a sense of renewed vigor, purpose and clear direction to my work with Kendra. Before that, I felt truly at sea. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for their next chapter!”

— Sara W

— Sally S

“I came in and worked with Ginger last month on a much-needed overhaul of my resume and I’m fairly certain the end result is what got me in for the interview. What a dramatic difference your approach makes. Thank you for everything you do — it pays off!”

— Sally S

— Ryan D

“Turning the Corner is outstanding and are truly excellent at what they do. They provide top quality service at short notice. I worked with Turning the Corner on resume writing services, interviewing and salary negotiation skills. I recommend Turning the Corner because I want everyone who is in this difficult hunt in difficult times to land the job they want.”

— Ryan D

— Rick R

“Your template resume and cover letter were my core tools for job applications. I appreciate your helpful sources for finding openings and company research. Your professional assistance helped me get past years of inertia to accomplish a major professional and personal goal, with a dynamic company and excellent compensation.”

Rick R

— Neil S.

“Turning the Corner, LLC is an excellent resource to enhance your career placement opportunities. They did an amazing job with the resume services they provided. The final product exceeded my expectations and I now consistently receive compliments on my resume from potential employers. I highly recommend Turning the Corner, LLC to anyone looking to distinguish themselves in this competitive job market.”

Neil S

— Matthew R.

“Turning the Corner has been an incredibly helpful experience. Their professionalism is outstanding, but its their sincere drive to help us, the clients, that elevates this business to another level. The amount of time and dedication both Rose and Carrie put into re-working my resume, giving me candid, intelligent career advice and guiding me to a path of success was extraordinary. I have already seen real, tangible results and grown my network. Turning the Corner is an excellent place to jump start your career and I am lucky to have had them help me.”

Matthew R

— Mark

“A broad array of services were offered and I had several ideas of what I thought I wanted done, but after a free phone consultation, I was able to narrow it down to one thing – interview practice. Turning the Corner assisted me with interviewing but also honing my resume and building confidence. I felt that they cared about my success and were very encouraging. I thought the technical help was excellent.”


— Macy M.

“Thank you Turning the Corner! I feel grateful that you could help me embrace my TRUE LOVES in work and life…and reflect on what I really want to bring into the world and help me create a legacy that is meaningful and free of regrets. The process allowed me to celebrate my gifts, and eventually it was clear that I needed to create my work myself. Since then I have pursued building a business that uses my strengths and serves the world in a way that brings me joy and serves a community I love. I noticed that your assessments really offered a powerful new perspective of what is natural to me, and to find the good in everything. Before I felt like there were weaknesses in my skill set yet with your reflection, I could see how all my strengths and weaknesses CAN play together in a positive way. I noticed that your assessments really offered a powerful new perspective of what is natural to me, and to find the good in everything. Before I felt like there were weaknesses in my skill set yet with your reflection, I could see how all my strengths and weaknesses CAN play together in a positive way.

Macy M

— Lisa O

“Turning the Corner helped me through a series of exercises: characteristics and skills evaluation, core career values assessment, long term goals and resume services. The services are very helpful, but the people make the difference and are most effective. Carrie Ahmad is exceptional. She is caring, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable about the job market, navigating and more. I recommend Turning the Corner for career counseling to anyone needing support in assessing their strengths and pointing them in the right direction toward a job they love!”

Lisa O

— Judy M.

“I recently was terminated—the first time in my 50 years of being in the workforce. This was a very traumatic experience for me, but my employer arranged for Turning the Corner to provide me with outplacement services, i.e., coaching, resume writing, and identifying positions through electronic posting boards. Turning the Corner provided great resources and the Director of HR and Career Services, personally kept me going. She helped me identify who I was and what kind of position I wanted by working through a value exercise. Long after her work was officially done, she became my sounding board and encouraged me not to give up. She never criticized me, argued with my rationale, or discouraged me from applying for any position—she just LISTENED. I have found a position that I love and enjoy going to work!”

Judy M

— Josh W

“Ginger was very helpful and responsive. The end product was exactly what I was looking for. The exercise of documenting accomplishments and the interview brought out details I typically overlooked. Ginger was able to pick up on key points and turn those into a quality resume.“

Josh W

— John T

“I had been on ‘the job hunt’ for too long. I submitted over 200 resumes – and I still could not land a face-to-face interview, even though I was qualified for the jobs. It’s a depressing and frustrating experience. However, after spending some with Kendra, I made a few fundamental changes to my resume and by the next day I was being called into interviews. Matter-of-fact, I finally got a call from a corporation I’ve applied to literally 4 times. The new resume has made all the difference for me getting noticed by these key employers. The Turning the Corner team really knows what it takes.”

John T

— John S.

“Kendra and her team at Turning the Corner, LLC helped me develop an effective job search strategy, provided helpful knowledge of the region’s job market and current demands and worked with me until I landed in an excellent position that offered me a 12% raise and a great career path for my strengths and interests. I was especially impressed by their collaboration with me to update my resume with the most current format as well as powerful wording to most effectively sell my skills and accomplishments. Additionally, their knowledge of social media, especially LinkedIn, was a huge asset in optimizing my visibility during the search. The peace of mind and confidence I gained through knowing that I had such a great team representing me during one of the most important decisions I’ll make in my professional life was well worth the investment I made.”

— Jessica H

“I am writing to express my gratitude for your services. Before working with you, I felt overwhelmed by how much the job market had changed in the past few years while I was working part time and raising my kids. Specifically, I did not understand what employers were looking for in resumes. Now I have a solid resume that is accessible, streamlined and I am able to quickly customize it to suit different job openings. I have learned about the importance of networking and appreciate your help in developing a plan to reach out to my connections, many of whom I wouldn’t have even identified without your direction! Finally, your focused advice and expertise has helped me to recognize and vocalize my strengths. I have enjoyed working with you and would recommend your skills to anyone on the job search path.”

Jessica H

— Jeanie K

“Ginger, at Turning the Corner, was fantastic. She spent time listening, evaluating and suggesting my next steps in my negotiation. Her level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism was reassuring and extremely helpful. Turning the Corner is always there to support you in every aspect of your employment. Their interest, expertise and compassion is unmatched in the industry.”

Jeanie K

— Jeanie

“Turning the Corner is very professional, responsive and extremely helpful. They really care about their clients and genuinely want to assist their clients in finding the right job, chapter or adventure in life. They all have heart, interest and are great listeners.”


— Greg S

“I had no idea of how much resume customization is needed when applying for jobs. Turning the Corner helped tailor my resume emphasizing my appropriate strengths, skills, and experience. They also generated a comprehensive list of great job opportunities helping me figure out the most successful job boards out there. Utilizing their interviewing tips and techniques, I was able to convey my skills and experience successfully and was offered a position. Thank you to Turning the Corner for helping me find a job quickly that was the right fit for me!”

Greg S

— Glenda L.

“My whole experience with Turning the Corner has been a positive one. My first free consultation was with Ginger. She gave me so much valuable information in that consultation. Working with Mark as a career coach has been just what I needed to jump start my career transition. Mark was excellent at responding to all my questions and gave me good direction on how to pursue leads. Mark is approachable and easy to work with. I love that he took the time to respond to my concerns in a timely manner. Two thumbs up, Turning the Corner!”

Glenda L

— Alicia Burrus, Business Analyst, Specialized Loan Servicing

“Kendra has been a great help to me in finding my job. I was returning to the work force after working from home for the last several years and did not have an idea about my skill level and marketability. I knew I needed to find a job, but needed a boost of confidence and a strategy. Enter Kendra with her positive outlook and a working strategy to find a job. She helped me improve my resume, helped me developed a networking strategy, and helped me with my interviewing skills. With her help and support, I found a job within four months. These are skills that will carry me throughout my life. I would recommend Kendra to anyone who needs extra help finding a job. She is the best!”

Alicia Burrus, Business Analyst, Specialized Loan Servicing

Robin F.

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ginger on my resume rewrite and LinkedIn profile update. She was meticulous as she captured my years of experience concisely while showcasing my brand value in the most meaningful and relevant light. She is truly an invaluable asset to Turning the Corner! I am so grateful!"

Robin F

Wendy Z.

"If you are in the process of looking for a new job, I would highly recommend you get an appointment with Turning the Corner! They really helped me update my resume and tailor it to the specific job I was applying for. It was such a night and day difference between my resume and the one they created for me. Also, got a lot of other great tips and coaching on the interview process. I can't stress enought what a great service and how much of a difference it made in my job search and application process. I will use them again and again, each and every time I apply for a different job. Oh, and yes, I got the job offer that I wanted!!!"

- Wendy Z.

Kelly M.

"I went back to Turning the Corner LLC when I decided it was time for a career upgrade, this time partaking in the Job Search Essentials offer. I worked with Elizabeth for several weeks and learned so much about tailoring my job search, networking, and how to apply for positions I was interested in. TTC teaches you how to turn your job search into a job in and of itself, but it's a job that becomes effective (unlike the months of searching on my own)."

Kelly M.

Chad C

"Turning The Corner is an amazing resource on the journey to finding your career. "

Chad C

Erin R

"Turning the Corner did an amazing job revamping my resume and gave me the confidence I needed to being my job search. Ginger and Jessie were wonderful to work with and really dug deep to highlight my strengths all while making me feel comfortable during the process. Since working with Turing the Corner I have had several great interviews and many new opportunities have opened up. I would highly recommend Turning the Corner to anyone looking for help in growing/advancing their career."

- Erin R

Ben J

"You can spend days reading low-quality online resume advice, or you can get the 'secret sauce' directly from Turning The Corner and save yourself time and aggravation. A week after I started to put out my new resume, my inbox was overflowing with interview requests, I even had to turn some down! TTC helped me focus my search to better match my skills and be more judicious about the application process and my salary requirements. This personal service is a tremendous value for the price."

- Ben J

Jennifer S

"I had the privilege of working with Jessie Roller to prepare for my first job interview in 18 years. After our mock interview, she had several great pointers about giving specific examples in my answers and framing my responses to include why I'm right for the job. In addition, her suggestions on what to wear helped me feel confident I looked the part on the day of the interview. I am gratefully Turning the Corner was able to squeeze me in on short notice, and I am certain I was better prepared as a result of their help. Thank you!"

Jennifer S

Ariana H

"Ginger worked magic, turning my work experience into a sleekly branded, professional resume and LinkedIn profile. I'm now confident in the first impression that my resume will make with potential employers. Working with Turning the Corner was so easy--everyone was friendly and responsive. I highly recommend this service and can vouch for its return on investment!"

- Ariana H