Does Your Resume Get Attention?

Are You Sending Out Resumes but Not Getting Interviews?

It’s simple. If you are sending out resumes but not getting interviews something is breaking down with your resume. Whether you are re-entering the workforce or looking for a more satisfying career, your resume needs to get attention immediately.

A professional resume will help you stand out above your competition and help you find a job you love more quickly and help you get interviews. Our clients are amazed that when they put our advice into action they get more interviews with the companies they want.

Few companies will sit down with you face to face to help you. We feel this is a crucial step so we can get to know you and highlight your strengths and areas for improvement. When you meet with us you will learn the tricks of the trade and become better prepared to create, customize and present a winning resume.


A Message from Kendra Prospero

You Need a Professional Resume that Gets Attention

Everyone wants the perfect resume that will get the attention of hiring managers, and get interviews with the best companies. The problem is most employers, HR departments and recruiters won’t tell you if you have mistakes in your resume or what improvements are needed. In the end you are left wondering why you never had the chance to interview.

“I had been on “the job hunt” for too long. I submitted over 200 resumes – and I still could not land a face-to-face interview, even though I was qualified for the jobs. It’s a depressing and frustrating experience.

However, after spending some with Kendra, I made a few fundamental changes to my resume and by the next day I was being called into interviews. Matter-of-fact, I finally got a call from a corporation I’ve applied to literally 4 times. The new resume has made all the difference for me getting noticed by these key employers. The Turning the Corner team really knows what it takes.”

– John Taylor

Your Time is Valuable

Spending time filling out on-line applications is tedious enough, but when you don’t hear back it can become frustrating. This is why we put this package together, because too many people are struggling to find a job where they feel valued, are respected, and earn the money they deserve. Often a few tweaks and expert advice is all you need to reach the next level.

We love what we do! We have helped hundreds of people rewrite and refine their resume so they can focus on finding a job they love instead of settling for whatever comes along. You are valuable and so is your time. We want to help you succeed.

We Want to Help You

Professional Resume Evaluation for Only $199.00

Resume Evaluation Includes:

  • 30 minute face-to-face resume evaluation with a job search specialist
  • Expert feedback on your resume
  • Turning the Corner’s “Writing a Winning Resume Workbook”
  • Increased confidence

Let’s Find Out What You Need

Listen, we don’t know exactly what you need. You may need a full resume re-write, a few tweaks, or just some expert advice, but we both know it takes a lot of time to write a resume. Our resume specialists generally spend 8 hours or more per resume. Regardless of where you’re at you’ll benefit from meeting with us. The bottom line is that you need help accelerating your job search and it all starts with a great resume.

As Career Coaches and Recruiters we have the opportunity to speak with both sides of the hiring desk daily. This give us incredible insight into what makes certain job seekers stand out and what Hiring Directors are looking for in a resume.

We want to Help You Reach Your Goals

Sign-up below and you’ll be on your way to creating a resume that gets interviews and puts you on the right path to finding the job you love.

What our Customers are Saying

“Thank you so much for all your help getting my resume ‘modernized’. Lord knows that after spending 36.5 years with one company, I was not up to speed on what employers are looking for on resumes today.

As a result of your suggestions, I received two interviews immediately. I was called back twice on one of them. I begin work Monday.”

– Greg Sessions

“I can’t thank you enough for your assistance with my job search. I’ve never had anyone help me with my resume or job search before, so I was a little bit apprehensive. Once I met with Kendra and Rose, I was immediately put at ease. They got to know who I was professionally and personally so they could fully represent my personality.

I am happy to say that I found a new job with my new resume and cover letter that Rose helped “polish up” as well.

For anyone looking for a new job, Turning the Corner will give you personalized and professional service. They stick with you as long as you need them to, they go above and beyond with their services. They have a client for life in me.”

– Sonya Oster

“I had no idea of how much resume customization is needed when applying for jobs. Turning the Corner helped tailor my resume emphasizing my appropriate strengths, skills, and experience. They also generated a comprehensive list of great job opportunities helping me figure out the most successful job boards out there. Utilizing their interviewing tips and techniques, I was able to convey my skills and experience successfully and was offered a position. Thank you Turning the Corner for helping me find a job quickly that was the right fit for me!”

– Mary G.

We want to help you reach your goals and find a job that truly fulfills your needs, desires and goals.
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