Leadership Lab

For leaders ready to unleash their full potential

An experimental lab all about you and your leadership where you’ll self-assess, increase awareness, experiment, and more

Are you ready to grow as a Leader?

This program is designed for experienced managers, business owners, and executives who want to further develop their leadership skills. Leadership Lab courses are specifically crafted for advanced managers, so participants take a deep dive into mindset and energy leadership, high-level, long-term responsibilities like building your bench, intentional delegation, change management, and more.  In the Leadership Lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase leadership potential
  • Identify and shift roadblocks to achieving goals
  • Build stronger teams
  • Develop a strategic succession plan
  • Clarity and alignment around personal values
  • Support and sustain a thriving organizational culture
  • Create a Management Action Plan to ensure you’re moving forward on implementation of information and goals

With a small class size, access to exclusive assessments, and instructors with real-world experience, Leadership Lab is an impactful and highly personalized training. The program is intended as the next step for those who have completed the Fast Track Management Training series, but is well suited for all experienced managers looking to further their leadership development.

Winter Cohort February 2 – Jun 18, 2024, Tuesdays 9:00 – 11:00 MT

Ultimately, The Lab is for leaders who want to: 

  • Advance themselves and their business 
  • Achieve peak performance with their teams
  • Alleviate so much troubleshooting and instead focus more on creating opportunities
  • Elevate their work to achieve the vision of the business
  • Meet with other participants during class and 1-1 to learn, network, and share
  • Challenge their current frame of mind, assumptions, and beliefs to help alleviate head trash

Here’s what you get:

  • 9 live working sessions in a small class size so you can learn from the class members and bounce ideas off each other and your instructor
  • 360 Assessments from your peers so you can better understand how your leadership energy style is being perceived 
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment so you can get a solid idea of your strengths and opportunities
  • Up to 6 hours of 1-1 executive coaching so you can get help in the exact areas that matter to you with clear next actions

This is all valued at $5,500 or more, and we offer it for $4,500.

PLUS! We are throwing in the following new bonus items:

  • invitation to a live webinar six months after graduation with “Leadership Lab Tune-Up Tips” 
  • follow up call with an HR Expert from our team

“During the course of my career I have attended several leadership workshops and have never felt as much value as I have experienced from this Leadership Lab! The lessons allowed me to really self-reflect on my own personal leadership style and also facilitated discussions with my team members regarding their own saboteurs and how they impact team dynamics and decisions!”

— Ritu Linhart
Optimization, Controls Manager | Lignetics


“The Leadership Lab, with Jeni at the helm, provides a safe space for vulnerability to strip away armor and to understand and live out my mission and values as a leader. I have found learning about energy leadership most profound as it has brought a greater level of awareness and understanding to how I show up as a leader and how I can connect with others I lead.”

— Brittany Becka, MOT, OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist | Clinic Director

Program details

Session 1 — Setting the Stage for Ideal Leadership

Getting the results you want as a leader requires introspection. You will gain clarity around what Ideal Leadership means for you and identify steps to move you closer to your Ideal.

Learning outcomes: Walk away with a professional leadership statement that will be the foundation for your version of Ideal Leadership moving forward. After session 1, you will experience your first 1-1 coach call and debrief the Energy Leadership Index Assessment in order to create more awareness and alignment with your version of Ideal Leadership.

Session 2 — 7 Levels of Energy Leadership

At any given moment you are accessing one of 7 levels of energy. You will learn about the 7 levels and how to use this as a powerful self-awareness tool, allowing you to determine your triggers and patterns more easily.

Learning outcomes: Understand how to use the 7 levels of energy leadership to alter your perspective, shift your consciousness, and increase your energy.

Session 3 — Blocks and Barriers to Possibilities and Opportunities

Explore the four main energy blocks that could be keeping you from what you want. We’ll explore what is affecting your ability to accomplish what you want at work and with your team. 

Learning outcomes: Identify blocks and barriers and understand how to transform them into possibilities and opportunities.After this session, your 1-1 will be focused on your leadership statement and desired energy and what is blocking you from experiencing your ideal.

Session 4 — Conscious Based Values

Identifying what your core values are and how they align with your organization as well as your employees is crucial for gaining clarity, buy in, and ease. Being in alignment with your values is critical for embracing more flow, peace and energy in your day to day.

Learning outcomes: Identify conscious based values that help you to create movement towards what it is that you really want. Understand how to align your personal values with those of your team, in turn clarifying the expectations you hold for your team’s performance.

Session 5 — Team Development

We’ll look at the five qualities of an effective team and you’ll evaluate your own teams. Then we’ll explore some important communication tips that are sure to improve your team’s success. 

Learning outcomes: Know the five qualities that are necessary for success and walk away with specific communication tools that will help you improve team dynamics. After this session, you’ll meet with your coach to debrief your team’s feedback through 360’s.

Session 6 — Team Growth – Building Strength & Purpose

Learn how to build your bench and create a succession plan. Supporting the individuals on your team with their professional development will help keep them engaged and be a large part of your retention strategy as you are strengthening, growing, and maintaining teams. In addition, delegating tasks in an intentional way that plays to the strengths of everyone on the team, including yourself, is explored.

Learning outcomes: You will walk away knowing specific retention strategies and with a tool that makes it simple to chart. You will work through an “Effective Delegation Worksheet” on a real life task you’d like to delegate. 

Session 7 — Organizational Culture

Employees at organizations with strong cultures are more committed than employees at organizations with a weak culture. We’ll explore the factors that go into creating a culture and how to analyze them.

Learning outcomes: Understand how cultures are created and give you an opportunity to analyze your organization’s culture. Your 1-1 after this class will cover values, MAPS, and anything else coming up for you at this time.

Session 8 — Managing Over Time

Change is the one true constant. Organizations evolve. They must remain alive, relevant, and responsive to their market and employees. We will discuss change management and how it isn’t about managing the change itself but managing the process of people making the change. We will also review concepts in previous classes

Learning outcomes: Build the skills to manage change within your organization utilizing tools provided to you in this session.

Session 9 — Presentation of M.A.P. (Management Action Plans)

Throughout our time together you will be building a MAP, so that at the end you have a clear and concise action plan for how to integrate and reap the benefits of the learned information. You will present your plan during session 9 (and if applicable, your supervisor is invited to attend).