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Our classes are being run virtually only for now.

New class dates: 3pm – 5pm MT

Dates: Feb 3, Feb 17, March 3, March 17, March 31, April 7, 2021

Our interactive classes have limited enrollment, so we encourage interested managers to sign up promptly and reserve their spot.

Session 1: Confidence Management

Confidence Management

In SESSION 1, you will learn how to assess your employee’s job task readiness and intervene appropriately.

Objective: Teach managers how to assess how “ready” their employees are to perform their assigned tasks, and how to employ the most effective management style to get the best results and highest engagement.

Session 2: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

In SESSION 2, you’ll learn about the concept of emotional intelligence quotient (EQ), the quality that makes everyone, but especially managers, better at working with other humans. EQ accounts for 70 percent of managerial success and is a higher predictor of success than IQ.

Objective: Teach managers what EQ is, why it matters, how to assess their own EQ and techniques for increasing their scores over time.

Session 3: Dignified Conversations

Dignified Conversations

Strong communication skills are paramount to success. Difficult conversations are part of every manager’s day. In SESSION 3 we teach you how to prepare for meetings and have tactful and dignified conversations.

Objective: Show managers how to have difficult conversations in a way that is productive and enhances, rather than harms, the relationship and increases the level of understanding.

Session 4: Goals, Gaps & Guidance

Goals, Gaps, and Guidance

How to help employees grow and what to do if things are falling apart and get really difficult. In SESSION 4, we help you understand what needs to happen to help employees grow or how to let them go.

Objective: Teach managers how to set expectations with their employees, create checkpoints and coach employees to reach their highest potential, as well as what to do if things are NOT going well and alternative interventions are needed.

Session 5: Hiring Great People Who Last

Hiring Great People Who Last

Discovering how to solve problems as a manager is important, but learning the best practices for hiring the right people helps keep problems from arising in the first place. In SESSION 5, we teach you how to find, interview and hire the best people.

Objective: Teach managers how to hire people who are a great fit for the position and guide leaders in on how to ask good questions and employ other measures to assess if an applicant is the right addition to the team.

Session 6: Reality: Action & Life

Reality: Action and Life

Integrating effective management practices into your company will help make you more successful. In SESSION 6, we pull all the material together to help you put it into action.

Objective: Provide a comprehensive review of the material and best practices to help participants immediately address their companies’ greatest needs.

Virtual | Live Stream Sessions

The sessions will be conducted live via the Zoom web-streaming platform with participants from all over the U.S., and includes breakout sessions with other participants. A computer which supports Zoom is necessary.

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What Our Participants Say About Our Management Training Program

I'm always so impressed after each course with the practical applications that we are given that are both personal to our business, that can be carried out instantly. I'm also really thankful for the level of care and personal touch that was given, feeling like everyone from Turning the Corner really knows the business that we're coming from and took the time to learn about us so that they could give us the best advice possible.

Stephanie P.

Really loved the series. It provided a great concise set of concepts and behaviors that someone in any stage of management could benefit from. The team did a great job presenting the ideas and are very engaging.

Eric H.

The introduction to Emotional Intelligence and learning to break old habits and thinking has literally changed my life. The interview coaching was especially good. It was specific for each job description. Turning The Corner provided me with very high value that was specific to my needs and they were very easy to open up to.

Gary G.


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