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You need the right employees to grow your company. But, sometimes they’re hard to find and you may not have the time, budget, or contacts to do an effective search. Companies in Denver, Boulder, and across the Front Range trust our personalized, white-glove services to help them find the top talent they need to sustain growth, innovate and become industry leaders even when unemployment is low.

Make It Easier to Fill Open Positions

Too often, companies contact us after their attempts to find the ideal employee to fill a position have failed multiple times. Unfortunately, all the effort they’ve invested has been wasted. Why does this happen? In many cases, it’s because typical recruiting agencies are primarily looking to “check the box” on the required expertise and experience, and consequently end up recommending people who are not a good fit for the company’s culture. That’s why we’re different.

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Recruiting the Right People Ensures Success

We believe in the concept of the perfect job/candidate match. In fact, with decades of cumulative experience on our staff, we know perfect matches exist because we’ve helped facilitate them. By bringing our insights to bear on your recruiting challenges, we greatly increase the odds that the employees you hire will not only be good at what they do, but they’ll also be very happy doing it for you.


Plus, not only do contented employees stay, their energy and enthusiasm help create a positive work environment that makes others want to stay. So, is finding the right fit important? It might be more accurate to say that it’s critical! And our proven processes can help you do it.

So, Are You a Headhunter?

We often get asked the difference between a recruiter and a headhunter. Job seekers sometimes use the term headhunter interchangeably with a recruiter, but there is a subtle difference, and it’s important to understand it. A headhunter is someone who actually finds a job for you, and unfortunately, this role does not exist anymore. LinkedIn has replaced the need for a headhunter, so you need a great LinkedIn profile so that a job might just drop into your lap. Recruiters are paid by companies to fill a specific role and we will “hunt” for people on LinkedIn to fill that role.

Harvard Business Review

As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.”

  • Turnover from Bad Hiring Decisions 80% 80%
  • Other Reasons for Turnover 20% 20%

HR Services that Do Double Duty

As our client, you have special access to our large database of professional talent. We’re one of the few recruiting agencies in the nation that offers both HR services and job search services. As a result, we have strong connections with amazing people who have gone through our career coaching and other programs and are looking to be recruited by the right company. And, to ensure your company is desirable to top candidates, we work with you to identify and promote your most appealing strengths and benefits.

Hiring your next Leader? HR pro? Sales or Marketing rockstar? Finance guru? 

A strategy for growth is nothing without the right people on board to drive your vision and you don’t have the time, tools, and/or experience to source and screen candidates all day. You’ve tried everything from posting the job, combing your personal network, and even hiring Recruiters only to be left with a stack of resumes, no candidates, or candidates that don’t fit your culture at all.

Let US do it for you or set you up with an easy-to-follow process to do it better yourself!


What Our Clients Say About Our Recruiting Agency

"We engaged with Turning the Corner to assist in finding the perfect candidate for the leader of our application development team in Broomfield, Colorado. Drew, Kendra, and the team were thorough in understanding our culture, our vision, and our true needs for this leader and helped create a plan to find the right person for our organization. They were highly communicative, collaborative, and thoughtful in their search. With their help, we were able to hire a Director of Engineering who has truly elevated our team as a model across the enterprise and they were also instrumental in helping us find other key members of our software engineering technical staff. I would highly recommend Turning the Corner as a partner in recruitment for a key leadership role."

George L.

“Kendra was instrumental in finding us the right fit for our marketing department. I felt like she knew exactly what we needed, not just from a skill-set perspective, but also in terms of personality and overall fit. She is easy to work with, a quick responder, and seems to have a natural ability to draw the perfect candidates at the perfect time. I would not hesitate to use her again!”

Chantal Pierrat, Sounds True

“It feels great to not ever have to read hundreds of resumes, talk to countless job seekers, spend hours and hours interviewing and feeling pressed for time to make a decision, resulting in a bad one. Working with Turning the Corner has saved me time, stress and likely, the cost of a bad hire.”

Cheri Corrado, Corrado Executive Solutions 


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