We find the right person for your company

No more bad hires

When you hire a person for your company, rather than for a job, you get a team member who is passionate about its mission and goals. They become part of the whole, integrating seamlessly into the culture, increasing productivity all around.

Our values-based recruiting process means that we’ll find the right fit for your company – every time. We treat recruiting as a proven business process that results in a fit that will stay with you for multiple years.

1. Assess

We conduct an organizational design (OD) assessment that answers the question: What does the perfect fit look like?

We take a deep dive of your organization and the vacancy to gain an understanding of what the perfect hire will look like, taking  into account personality, team, company culture, and the job requirements.

2. Advertise

Based on the findings of the OD, we write a compelling job advertisement that will draw the right candidates.

Our advantage: we have a network that is untapped by other recruiters: our job seekers. While most recruiters depend on shared data, we have a private, unique database of candidates to advertise to on top of LinkedIn. We know our job seekers and understand their personalities and strengths. If we think one might be a good match, we notify them of the posting.

3. Prepare

We prepare thoughtful interview questions to find a fit that matches the job requirements and your company culture. In order to find the perfect fit, we craft the interview from the perspective of care, ensuring that the candidate will understand the company and how they will play into its success.

4. Screen

We hunt for and screen resumes based on job requirements and company culture.

5. Interview

A thoughtful approach to the interview ensures that the candidates fully understand the company and the job they are interviewing for. This isn’t a typical behavioral interview. Instead, it’s a conversation.

6. Offer/Reject

When a selection has been made, we provide the offer letter and contingencies, describe total compensation, and help with negotiating.

For the unsuccessful candidates, we help with the rejection and offer feedback if they want it.

7. Onboard

We’re not done until the new hire is fully onboarded. We will lay out the onboarding plan for the manager and/or train them to go through the onboarding process.

Let’s talk about your next hire


“Drew, Kendra, and the team were thorough in understanding our culture, our vision, and our true needs for this leader and helped create a plan to find the right person for our organization. I would highly recommend Turning the Corner as a partner in recruitment for a key leadership role.”

— George L.


“Kendra was instrumental in finding us the right fit for our marketing department. I felt like she knew exactly what we needed, not just from a skill-set perspective, but also in terms of personality and overall fit. She is easy to work with, a quick responder, and seems to have a natural ability to draw the perfect candidates at the perfect time. I would not hesitate to use her again!”

— Chantal Pierrat, Sounds True


“It feels great to not ever have to read hundreds of resumes, talk to countless job seekers, spend hours and hours interviewing and feeling pressed for time to make a decision, resulting in a bad one. Working with Turning the Corner has saved me time, stress and likely, the cost of a bad hire.”

— Cheri Corrado, Corrado Executive Solutions