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Turning the Corner partners with clients in the development, launch and management of effective talent management, employee engagement, retention, organizational growth & change, and legal compliance initiatives.

We understand the value of a good team. Great companies are created from great people. We have worked with large corporations, small businesses and promising start-ups and have seen the value of helping employees become their best. We know what works and will take the time to discover your organization’s specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Recent Polls have shown that nearly 70% of the workforce is un-engaged and/or hate their jobs. In addition, a Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that 45% of employees who feel satisfied in their current jobs are open to seeking a new position. Our services are targeted to build loyalty among your employees and help them be more engaged at work. This increases retention rates, productivity and revenue, while reducing the cost of replacing key talent and lost productivity.

We've worked with hundreds of companies and realize that sometimes it is hard knowing where to start even if you know what you need.

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HR Support for Your Company

It Starts with the Right People

Finding the best people is crucial for your company’s success. This process takes patience, experience, and diligent research. Our recruiting services focus on more than just applicant qualifications. We diligently pursue talent who fit your culture, have a strong desire for growth, and who can make an immediate positive impact. For more information regarding our Recruiting Services click here.

Managing Your Team for Success

Your positions are filled and you have a great team in place. How do you ensure organizational success through your people? That’s where we can help! Turning the Corner’s HR Consulting team is a group of experienced business, management and HR professionals. We will partner with you to create a path to not only hiring top talent, but also to developing a strong corporate culture, retaining your key employees, designing people strategies that drive employee engagement & business success, and to ensuring your business is aware of and in compliance with Federal, State and Local employment laws.

HR Support Services:

Position Analysis Reviews

  • Job Descriptions – do your job descriptions attract the qualified candidates you seek? Do they accurately describe the work your team members do on a daily basis? Do they reflect the culture of your organization? If not, we can help! Our HR Consulting team has written and revised many job descriptions and know what peaks the interest of job seekers.

Employee Engagement

  • Attrition Assessments – through exit interview analysis, review of attrition trends and interviews with management and staff we will assess your current attrition concerns and partner with you to build a strategy to reduce unwanted attrition and retain your internal talent.
  • Compensation Plans – while compensation isn’t typically a “top 3” need of employees and candidates, lack of compensation clarity and compensation that doesn’t compare well to the market can cause hiring and retention issues. We will partner with you to determine your current compensation methods and to recommend a best practice approach to building a compensation plan that meets your needs as a business.
  • On-Boarding Program Development – what better way to help your new employees succeed than by giving them a clear introduction to the company, co-workers, departments, and their role & responsibilities? Engagement & commitment to an organization increases when employees feel like time was taken in the beginning to help them get their bearings and understand their role within an organization. We can help you create an on-boarding program that gives your new hires a great start!
  • Performance Management – one of the toughest challenges for all managers and leaders is what to do when performance is sub-par. Putting in place clear performance expectations and regularly communicating with employees about their performance is key to organizational success. We will work with you to create a Performance Management system that identifies gaps, addresses issues, and provides the necessary documentation to manage employee performance and to take further action when an employee’s performance doesn’t improve.
  • Talent Management – employees want to know that they are important to your organization and to feel they are being developed and valued professionally. One way to do this is to have consistent, regular Talent Management meetings with employees. Annual Reviews, Quarterly Reviews, and Monthly Checkpoints allow managers to continue developing employee strengths and addressing challenges with individuals. Employees who know they will be receiving regular feedback and development opportunities are more engaged and happy at work!
  • Culture Assessments – utilizing the unique OPQ32 assessment along with individual employee interviews we will provide you with an in depth analysis of each employee’s strengths, suggestions for coaching employees to optimal performance, and overall organizational health along with recommendations for improving areas of concern.

Employment Law Compliance

  • Affirmative Action Plan Development – we can help you develop a new Affirmative Action Plan or revise your current Plan and will also prepare your EEO-1 and Vets 100 reports.
  • HR Department Audits – Turning the Corner uses our deep HR experience and current best practices to audit HR files and HR activities to ensure your organization is compliant with Federal, State and Local laws.
  • Employee Handbook Development – whether you need your Employee Handbook to be created for the first time, or you need a revision of your current document, we have the expertise to create a handbook that is compliant with employment laws & regulations and reflective of the culture of your organization.
  • Management Coaching & Development – different personalities, different work styles, different needs, performance issues, managing top performers to increased success – it’s a lot to handle for any manager! Let us put our Leadership, Management and Development experience to work for you through one-on-one coaching and group training for your managers and leaders.
  • Outplacement Support/Reductions in Force – Turning the Corner offers a comprehensive Outplacement package to help local businesses support their employees in the midst of a Reduction in Force. Career Coaching, Resume Writing, Interview Coaching, and Job Search services are available at corporate rates. Providing Outplacement Support to your staff benefits not only those leaving the organization, but also positively impacts how remaining employees & the public view your organization.

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