Hello! I'm Neal

Neal Topper

Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Neal has an extensive background in helping personal brands and small/medium size companies with their online marketing efforts. He began his career in digital marketing in 1999 learning this new emerging technology at that time after leaving the sports marketing/management industry. Neal helped create and implement online marketing campaigns in 2008 with Infinite Speakers Agency to book public speakers for conferences and events. In 2012 Neal decided to change industries and bring his personal passion for mountain biking to Optibike – a high-end electric bike company based in Boulder. Neal put together various education-based online marketing campaigns and put into place new sales processes to take a stranger to a customer with more consistency. There was an internal drive to get back into the speaking industry in a digital marketing professional services role, so in 2015, Neal rejoined Infinite Speakers Agency while adding new skill sets including social media marketing, video marketing, and online advertising to help public speakers grow their businesses.

He received his Master’s in Sports Marketing/Management from Indiana University and a Bachelor’s in History from the University of Pittsburgh.

Neal loves basketball and has done so since he was 3 years old with his first experience with basketball in hand outside in front of the house and attending the Harlem Globetrotters. He is a twice a day meditator and enjoys yoga. Neal also likes mountain biking, hiking, camping, and watching the sun rise and set.


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